Effortless Store Your Photo Memories Permanently With Yours.co

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Effortless Store Your Photo Memories Permanently With Yours.co

When I was a child there were no digital cameras. There were cameras that used real film (110 and 35mm), and there were instant cameras. As technology has evolved and gotten more powerful and portable it’s been integrated more and more into our daily lives. Take photographs, for example. People my age now have one foot in the past trying to store and preserve old photos and another foot in the present trying to manage their digital photos. Photos have great importance to people, so it’s important to us to know that we’ll be able to see them whenever we want or need. After all, if we’ve taken the moment to purposely take a photo of something, chances are good that that moment means something and we want to remember it. The one thing that almost all of us fear, no matter what age we are, is that we will somehow lose our photos.

Effortless Store Your Photo Memories Permanently With Yours.co

Since digital photography has become commonplace many of us have stored our photos right on our computers. There’s a couple of big problems with this. First of all, hard drives are not immortal. They are prone to failure. And if you’re familiar with Murphy’s Law, you know that your hard drive will probably fail when there’s content on it that you don’t have stored anywhere else. According to Yours.co, the average shelf life of a hard drive is 5-7 years. Hard drives are susceptible to corruption, hard drives are also vulnerable to hacking, human error, hard drive failure, power outages, EMP blasts, and more.

Backing up photos can be time consuming. Photos can be backed up to a CD and DVD, as well as a portable device like a flash drive. As portable as these forms of media are, they are finite in the amount of storage they offer. And they too have a limited lifespan, with an average shelf-life of 3-5 years. There are services that offer traditional backups to store your files. Have you guessed what the issue here is? These services are backing up to the same hard drives that could fail on you.

So if not storing on a hard drive, what about storing on the cloud? Most of us have heard of the cloud. It’s a concept that is some people sort of understand, for others it sort of mystifies. After all, it can be challenging to fully understand something you cannot touch or see. While the hope chest in the bedroom and the big drawer in the cabinet in the dining room are certainly not the best place to store photos, at least we know where they are and that they haven’t fallen into the wrong hands. The downfall is that we can’t always guarantee their safety, in instances such as natural disaster, fire, and theft. Unfortunately, the cloud can’t guarantee their safety either. Check the terms and conditions of the most popular cloud services and you’ll likely find sections stating that they  do not take responsibility for data security and loss, leaving you with no guarantee that your content will be safe or even available down the road.

“The typical consumer has literally thousands of pictures or videos stored on various electronic storage devices and cloud services. And yet, most don’t understand the limitations of these storage media that make data loss a real possibility. The pictures of your wedding, last year’s vacation or that video of your child’s first steps are irreplaceable. Losing any of them would be tragic. Yet people lose photos and videos all the time – and don’t know it,” said Paul Brockbank, CEO, Yours.co.

Yours.co is an online service that creates permanent physical copy of photos and videos that you have stored on various cloud sites. These sites include sites such as Instagram, Flickr, Google Photos, Dropbox, Facebook and Google Drive. This automated service will securely back up your photos to a media known as MDISCS, which is a patented archive-grade optical media disc that boasts up to 1000-year shelf life. MDISC technology is the leading archive-grade optical media disc, and is the world’s first archival disc designed to last up to 1,000 years. Compared with other optical media where data is stored in an organic dye layer that degrades over time, MDISC’s method is to etch data like your photos and videos into a rock-like layer that is immune to data rot. The MDISC discs are so robust that they’ll still be around for generations to come. Also, an MDISC can be read in nearly any Blu-ray reader and can hold up to 100GB of photos and video on one disc. The technology is so reliable, it’s used by The White House, NASA, and The Department of Defense.

Once your content has been backed up, the discs are sent to an address of your choosing, ensuring that your memories remain intact. For an additional fee you can choose to have your discs stored in a secure vault. The vault is carved into the mountain designed to be secure enough to withstand a nuclear attack. The company is so confident that they can keep your data protected in that vault that they offer a $10,000 guarantee to customers that photos and videos Yours.co burns to discs will remain accessible to them throughout their lifetimes.

“Yours.co solves a huge problem. If you want to make a permanent copy of your most important memories, it’s incredibly hard to do yourself. We designed Yours to be easy to use and automatic—something you can set up in just a matter of clicks.” Justin Whittaker, executive vice president Product, Yours.co.

It’s easy to set up service with Yours.co. Information that you’ll need to provide is your email address, and which cloud accounts that you want photos and videos saved from. Service is available for US residents only at present, and can be paid for either with an $8 monthly fee or an $89 annual fee.

Here’s a trailer with a little tongue-in-cheek humor that explains Yours.co.

You can learn more about Yours.co and sign up to create your permanent photo and video archive today at www.yours.co. You can keep up with them on social media as well, on Facebook.

How do you back up your photos and videos and protect your memories?

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