How The Epson Home Cinema 1440 Helps Create The Perfect Party

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How The Epson Home Cinema 1440 Helps Create The Perfect Party @BestBuy @EpsonAmerica

If you entertain family and/or friends often you’ve probably noticed that in most instances the television winds up on and the focal point of someone’s attention. Maybe it’s the guys watching a game. Maybe it’s the teens watching sports or videos. Maybe it’s the younger kids watching a movie. Inevitably it’s on and people are jockeying for position in front of it because the screen is only so big and everyone wants to see it. It’s moments like that where a big picture would be helpful. The Epson Home Cinema 1440 Ultra Bright 1080p 3LCD Projector can make that happen with ease.

The Epson Home Cinema 1440 Ultra Bright 1080p 3LCD Projector is perfect for anyone that hosts gatherings where movies, sporting events and television events are a part of the fun. This lightweight, portable projector connects to computer, cable box, gaming console and streaming sticks, displaying the entertainment on a big screen in any part of your home that you choose. The unit features up to 25′ projected distance, and has a 1.6x optical zoom that lets you create the screen size you want. 4400 lumens of color brightness ensure that you will get rich beautiful full HD images up to 300”, even in large, well-lit spaces. The Epson Home Cinema 1440 has a built-in 16W speaker, so you won’t miss hearing a moment of the entertainment. The projector comes with power cable, VGA cable, and a remote with batteries.

This projector would be a great addition to any home. Think of all of the football games you could watch on it, or all of those holiday movies! And all of the movies you didn’t catch in the theater or enjoyed so much you wanted to see again – you can recreate the theater experience right in your home by projecting the blu-ray while saving a ton of money on snacks! This projector would also be a great fit for the office or workplace, and could even be useful while traveling in the field. You can learn more about the Epson Home Cinema 1440 on the Best Buy website.

How would you use the Epson Home Cinema 1440 in your home?

How The Epson Home Cinema 1440 Helps Create The Perfect Party @BestBuy @EpsonAmerica

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  1. Omg how epic would this be to have in your home?!?! Movie nights would be pretty awesome. So need this!

  2. I can see it now, my family seated around using this for our Family Friday Night Movie. What a fun time that would be ! I love the features this has on it for sure, Epson nailed this product!

  3. This sounds awesome! I didn’t know you could attach other things too it! We love having movie night! We don’t have any place for this now but maybe when we get our own house!

  4. Oh wow that sounds like so much fun to have! I need to convince the hubs we need one!

  5. Oh we’d definitely be watching some movies with this. I can also imagine that video games are pretty cool on a large projector screen.

  6. We do throw a lot of parties and yeah, the guys tend to congregate in front of the TV when a game is on lol! I’d love to own this, but maybe hold off until we have a bigger space!

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