Your Baby Can Read Giveaway

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I’m a great believer in the importance of learning to read. I was fortunate in that my Mom taught me how to read at a very early age. She was a teacher who knew it’s better to teach children to read as young as possible, rather then to let it wait until the child goes to school. She made reading fun, which made me enjoy it. As a teenager when I was supposed to be collecting money from customers on my newspaper route I could be found in quiet areas of the street, sitting on my bike and reading a book. I still love reading to this day.

The folks at Your Baby Can Read also feel the earlier you teach a child to read the better. Read a little about their product and the explanation on why it works. They’re so confident in their product that they’re willing to prove it to one of my readers. Stick around!

Give The Gift of Reading with The New Deluxe Set
From “Your Baby Can Read! ®”

Learn What the Experts Already Know: Teaching Reading When Children Are Most Receptive Enriches Them In School And Life For Years To Come

San Diego, CA—June 16, 2009 – Guiding infants through early literacy skills is a natural, stimulating activity that strengthens the parent-child bond and encourages a life-long love of reading. Now parents can develop this exciting time in a child’s life to the fullest with the Deluxe Edition of the “Your Baby Can Read!” Program, offering a multi-sensory approach to early reading skills with a complete set of interrelated books, cards, activities and music, all of which work together to open up a new world of communication for even the youngest children.

The remarkable “Your Baby Can Read!” infant literacy program has been used by hundreds of thousands of babies around the world and changed the way many people view the needs and abilities of even the youngest children. This scientifically-based program builds on the fundamental principle that reading is a natural extension of a young child’s acquisition of spoken language, and that waiting until the age of five or six to learn to read misses a key developmental window in a baby’s life. The complex language-learning process happens at a specific time in a baby’s brain development, when even the youngest baby can easily absorb the visual aspects of language. Introducing basic reading at this critical time makes the whole process easier, more exciting and more interesting for the child. The amazing success of the “Your Baby Can Read!” program has literacy experts and early childhood educators worldwide changing the way they think about reading in young children.

There could be no better gift than the gift of reading, and the lifelong advantages that come with being confident and comfortable with those skills from an early age. The “Your Baby Can Read!” Deluxe Edition offers a comprehensive system of easy-to-use, interactive DVD’s, double-sided interactive sliding word and picture cards, lift-the-flap books, a helpful parents’ guide, a music CD and more. This multi-sensory approach, aimed at children from birth to 5 years, allows parents to get the most out of the “Your Baby Can Read!” program.

Used together or individually, each component of the Deluxe Edition offers a fresh and enjoyable activity. Children using the program eagerly learn new words and begin to associate reading with the warmth and excitement of playing with a loving parent or caregiver. Babies and toddlers also find comfort and stimulation in seeing child-friendly, colorful photographs and words that draw from familiar objects around the home—a hallmark of the “Your Baby Can Read!” program.

“Your Baby Can Read!” was developed by Dr. Robert Titzer, a prominent professor and infant researcher, after noticing the positive impact of early reading in his own infant children. A professor and teacher for over 15 years, Dr. Titzer has extensively researched early childhood learning and development, and his findings have been published in such prestigious journals as Psychological Review. His efforts to promote reading from birth to toddler years, at the same time children are learning the spoken word, has captured the interest of educators, researchers, parents, government agencies and the media worldwide.

For more information on “Your Baby Can Read!” please call 888-READ-888 or go to

• Designed using Dr. Robert Titzer’s proven multi-sensory approach.
• Brings the full range of the program to parents in one cohesive set.
• Includes DVDs, sliding word cards, word games, picture cards, parent guide and fun lift-the-flap books.
• Comes with three free gifts: a sliding window book, a workshop DVD and music CD.
• Gives parents a clearly outlined program for helping infants and children develop the capacity to read, naturally, as they learn the spoken word.
• The whole program available in one Deluxe Set for $199.95.


One winner will receive a copy of the Your Baby Can Read Deluxe System, a $199.95 value!


To enter visit the Your Baby Can Read website and then come back here and leave a comment telling me one of the benefits of the program.


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  1. 132


    Oops – I forgot to say that I love that the program is multi-sensory. They really cover everything in this program!

  2. 133


    Oh wow, I just saw this on TV two days ago and I was blown away! And now here you are giving one away. I would just LOVE this for my kids! Thank you for such an awesome giveaway!

  3. 138

    Alka says

    One of the benefits = that it gets your children learning and thinking from a very early age

  4. 141


    The Your Baby Can Read program can have your three-yr old reading at a 1st grade level – where most six yr olds are…I WANT this so bad :)

  5. 142

    Lucy says

    Just read about whole life insurance for women over 60 & left a comment. I’ll keep it in mind as I do my annual insurance review.

  6. 145

    Lucy says

    One of the benefits … the earlier your child learns to read, the better they do in school. Souns great to me!

  7. 146

    andrea v says

    I’ve seen this on TV and it looks great. I found it interesting that After the age of four, the window of opportunity for learning language begins to close.

  8. 148


    I just subscribed to your feed via my google reader!! I’d LOVE to use this program with my 2 year old!!!

  9. 149


    I am a reading teacher, who works with middle school age children who are reading a minimum of 4 reading grades below where they should. This program gives kids a jump start, so that when they enter Kindergarton, they already are reading like 2nd or 3rd graders!! This will make their whole eductional experience better for the rest of their lives!! REading is the key to ALL subjects. STrong readers do better in all areas, because let’s face it, reading is involved in Science, History, even Math!!!

  10. 151

    Dianad says

    A baby’s brain thrives on stimulation and this program does exactly that. It sounds wonderful. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.

  11. 154

    Rebecca says

    It’s likely the brain will develop more efficiently for reading when the child learns to read early in childhood compared to later in childhood.

    Their site is interesting…it makes me really want to work with my baby and encourage him to read!

  12. 162

    Stac Read says

    I am not a mom who tweets or twitters. But I do read to my child a lot and we do educational things daily. I am trying to figure out how to stimulate my son more, as he is very smart. So I have done research on “your baby can read” and it sounds like my son could really benefit from it!!

    I learned from the site that it is educational and fun for the child. And it also helps them to learn and recognize words and letters. It stimulates their brains in ways that other learning at this age does not.

    We would love to win this!! Good luck to you all!!

  13. 163

    Joshua Heuman says

    This program increases communication skills, thus having the potential to aide those children who are not yet talking or even those who are speech delayed or have other exceptionalities to better communicate with others thus decreasing frustration levels and increasing confidence.

    We have a 2.5 year old with a speech delay, and a 16 month old and would love to introduce this program to them both, especially before the prime window of opportunity, up to age four, is closed for my elder son. We really appreciate your offering all of us this opportunity to win what appears to be such a powerful program for young minds, as we, like many others these days are experiencing great financial difficulties.

    Thank you so much for your generosity! Our first son really needs this opportunity!

    Initial post + 1
    My twitter name is jrheuman and I following you. + 1
    Tweeded about this offer. +1
    I have requested you as a friend for facebook. + 1

  14. 164

    Aubrey Heuman says

    This program increases communication skills, thus having the potential to aide those children who are not yet talking or even those who are speech delayed or have other exceptionalities to better communicate with others thus decreasing frustration levels and increasing confidence.

    I have a 2.5 year old with a speech delay, and a 16 month old and would love to introduce this program to them both, especially before the prime window of opportunity, up to age four, is closed for my elder son.

    I really appreciate your offering all of us this opportunity to win what appears to be such a powerful program for young minds, as we, like many others these days are experiencing great financial difficulties.

    Thank you so much for your generosity.

  15. 165

    Serina Leistritz says

    One of the benefits of this program is that my lil’ man will acheive enhanced learning ability and future success.

  16. 168

    Viva A. says

    As a former music teacher I see the benefits of combining aural and visual stimuli to teach children. If I win I will get to try it on my upcoming baby!

  17. 169

    Samantha says

    Learning is such a great gift to give to your child and this program will give them a head start where they are more open to learning. I want to have my baby learn from an early age and this will help her more when she enrolls in school. Please consider me for the free giveaway I would love to win this for my baby and would put it to good use.

  18. 171


    I had no idea that the window of opportunity for language starts to close at age 4! So the fact that this is made for kids while still in that window is one benefit that I learned it had!!

  19. 172

    Kerstin says

    I visited you mom’s site HereAndThere.US and left a comment on any the post about backing up your files…I like her blog! I’ll probably start following as well as yours!

  20. 177

    Kerstin says

    The most interesting thing that I learned on teh Teach Your Baby To Read website is that kids learn languages most easily during the infant and toddler years. My son is having a hard time learning to talk but he loves to say his letters.

  21. 178

    Breanna Lowery says

    Taken directly from the website: “Early readers have more self-esteem and are more likely to stay in school.”
    Added you on facebook, I am Lowery Breanna, following you on twitter under breezes127 & I tweeted about this too! ;)

  22. 179


    I just checked out your mom’s website. I read her stain remover review and I’ll definitely try it out on my hubby’s work clothes. It’s nice to know that someone in the real world uses a product before buying it.

  23. 181


    I think the biggest benefit of the program, in my opinion, is that it provides more than one way for the children to learn words. They not only see and hear the word but they also see it in action. By showing a baby clapping after seeing and hearing the word clap the kids are able to put it into context with their world. Great program, I would love to introduce my 21 month old to it. Thank you for providing this giveaway.

  24. 182

    Elizabeth says

    Learned that the natural window of opportunity of learning is around 4 years of age and not 5 or 6 when they are in kindergarten.

  25. 183

    Rebecca says

    Some of the benefits of the program are giving your child the tools early in life for effective communication, increased learning capacity and increased confidence.

  26. 187

    Tammy N. says

    A big benefit of the program is that the baby sees, hears and sees the meaning of the words.

  27. 188


    Well besides the fact that it makes it fun… One of the benefits of the Your Baby Can Read system is that it targets children aged 3 months to 5 years which is the period of time when the brain is most receptive to learning language…

  28. 189

    Sara says

    One benefit is that a child’s brain develops very quickly to 5 years and they should be being taught a lot between this time.

  29. 190

    Kate Mullin says

    After the age of four the window of opportunity for your child to learn multiple languages begins to close. That is why it is important to begin teaching reading at the youngest age possible, made easy by Your Baby Can Read. Love this blog!!

  30. 192

    ariel says

    The people above already pointed out most of the benefits to this program. Another one that I found was it can be a great bonding experience for babies and parents. I agree with the concept that it is easier to learn language skills at a high level in the first few years of life.

    From a more personal point of view, I have always been a slow reader and because of this I could not achieve my goal in life to become a lawyer. My reading test scores were always low. I do not want my daughter to have the same problem. I do not want her to cut short her dreams. It is not that I stopped trying or did not read enough. I was always a hardworker and got great grades. Back to reply to your question of benefit of the dvds/system: I hope to use the system to help my daughter gain confidence in reading and evolve a love for reading. By reading more at an early age, hopefully, in future she would not as much problems with such tests.

    This is my first time visiting your site so I am not sure I understand Bonus entries and I hope I qualify for a copy.

    Thanks much. Regards,

  31. 198

    1955nurse says

    Commented on your Mom’s blog – didn’t know there was a Ripley’s aquarium in Myrtle Beach!!!

  32. 200

    1955nurse says

    Ooooh this has facinated me every since I first saw it…..I know that the a child’s mind thrives on stimulation, and the earlier you begin to teach them the more they will learn! I would LOVE to have this for my Grandson! He;s 19 months old, & I’d love to see how he did w/it :)
    [email protected]

  33. 204

    sandra says

    one of the benefits of baby learning to read earlier is more self-esteem.

  34. 217

    Julie L. says

    Children achieve and accelerated reading level…reading at a 3rd/4th grade level when most children are beginning to read.

    I always am tempted to order this when i see the commercial.

    Would love to use it with my 8 month old and 3 year old.


  35. 218


    I love the multi-sensory approach and how it can help your child learn to love reading. It teaches in a way that is natural and comfortable for babies.

    Marissas last blog post..Songs Just For Me

  36. 225


    So many benefits! “Better readers are more likely to stay in school than poor readers.” is awesome, obviously, as is “Children who are taught to read earlier prefer to read more than children who are taught at age five or later.”, but my favorite is the 1st one: “Early readers stay ahead of children who are taught later in life.” – thanks!

    Jill Ws last blog post..Oreck Halo Giveaway! ends 7/23

  37. 233

    bridget3420 says

    One of the benefits is that it starts teaching your children early on when they are able to absorb the most knowledge.

  38. 235

    Sonia says

    One of the benefits of using the “Your Baby Can Read” system is that it increases communication skills early on. I particularly like that it is paving the way for my child’s future success.

  39. 237

    Carrie M says

    I have been wanting to get this for my 6 month old daughter but have not been brave enough to fork out the $200. I would love to teach her to read early so she has a leg up when she does start preschool in a couple years. One of the benefits that caught my eye was that A typical American school doesn’t start teaching reading until kindergarten. Therefore, we have missed the natural learning window.

  40. 242

    David Barnett says

    early learning program encourages infants and toddlers to learn the written word and spoken word simultaneously. Your child will learn with interactive text, pictures, songs, and games naturally and easily, along with smiles, laughter and fun.

  41. 243


    I think one of the biggest benefits of the program is that your child learns while he or she is having great fun.. That is the best way to learn.

    Thanks for the chance

    itsjustmerene2003 at yahoo dot com

    Maureens last blog post..I will be back soon!!!

  42. 244


    Wow,I really had no idea that children learned to read best from infancy to age 4! I really wish I had known this with my other children. There is a lot of great info on the site. This would really come in handy at our house! I am Mommy to 4 young boys (only one of them is reading.)

    Mandees last blog post..Mommy went shopping…

  43. 245

    emily l says

    Kids learn by seeing the word, speaking it and seeing it in motion. :) I would love to wint his for my son. I just saw a commercial for it today and thought “That’s a great idea!’ And now I find a contest for it! =)

  44. 247


    One of the benefits is that children who enter school already reading have higher self-esteem than children who cannot read when they enter school.

  45. 248

    Lillambe says

    One of the benefits of using the “Your Baby Can Read” system is that it targets children aged 3 months to 5 years which is the period of time when the brain is most receptive to learning language. Also, according to the site, early readers have higher self-esteem and tend to stay in school. This system is supposed to produce early readers; so, all children should benefit from it.

  46. 249


    The easiest and probably the best way to get a small child to read is to have books around AND to let the child see YOU reading yourself.

  47. 252

    Mary says

  48. 253


    “The current methods and ages of teaching reading are not working for hundreds of millions of children around the world.” One of the benefits are “Better readers are more likely to stay in school than poor readers.”

    I totally believe that’s true. A lot of people don’t believe me when I tell them I learned to read at age 3. My Grandma bought me a special program and patiently sat down w/ me every single day until I could read. I was always ahead in school, especially in reading, writing and English. I remember being in the 5th grade w/ children who were reading at a 1st grade level and not being able to understand why they couldn’t read. I was too young then to realize that not everyone’s family takes the time to work w/ them so early in life. It would make such a difference if they did.

    I really would like to win this for my son who is 15 months. I’ve already started w/ my own little techniques but I think this would help a great deal!

  49. 256

    Rebecca says

    I learned the the best window for learning language is birth to age four, and that better readers are more likely to stay in school. I would love to work on this with my son, who is 15 months. Thanks for offering the giveaway!