How Do You Put Your Socks Away? Not Very Wordless Wednesday #WW

Ww Socks

Hubby folded some of my son’s laundry recently. It was a big surprise, and a nice one. I couldn’t help but notice he puts socks away completely differently then I do. When I buy socks, especially for my sons, they’re all the same. So when I put them away I just stack them in the drawer, no pairing required. Hubby folds one top over the other. I don’t personally like that technique because I think it stretches out the tops. I know some people also knot them. my Mom even used to have these plastic thingeys that slid over both socks.

Anyway. The idea of the top of one sock being folded over the other bugged me so much I undid them when I put them away. Petty I know. What can I say. I was putting them away so I did it my way. I don’t even know how many other ways there are to store socks, but I did get to wondering about that.

How do you put your socks away? I’d really like to know, so please leave a comment!

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  1. My kids have tons of different socks so we definitely flip the tops over. If it’s any consolation, however, I have been known to refold towels that my hubby has folded.

  2. Mine are like the second pair. 🙂 Sorry. 😉 The third way I might do just to aggravate the family for one time only. Is that mean? bwuahahaha

  3. Recently I started putting socks one on top of each other, folded into thirds. I store them in a drawer vertically in rows. Now I love how the drawers look really tidy.

  4. I have used folding, tying, and plastic rings but never loose as tjhe same kind of socks (like hubby’s) werar differently and look different.

  5. I fold my husbands socks in half, mine I fold in half then inside each other. Crazy things we do. I like your idea of stacking, since there all the same. Thanks for stopping by Oh My Heartsie Girl.
    Have a great week!

  6. I fold the tops. I know it probably does stretch them out a bit, but with three kids and trying to keep their socks all separated and organized from each other, that just works best for me!

  7. Hahaha love this! I honestly don’t know how my boyfriend folds laundry as I have been the one who does it. As far as folding socks? I usually tuck one into the other the the middle one, but more so one goes inside the other. Does that make sense? It did in my head lol I would do the exact same thing as you and redo the way he folded, if I didn’t like it though lol too funny!

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