Wordless Wednesday – Interesting Personalized License Plates

I saw these license plates recently and they made me giggle. I also found myself wondering why people choose the license plates they choose. Reminder? Affirmation? Pride? Funny? Sometimes it makes sense, but other times not so much.

Wordless Wednesday - female license plate

Wordless Wednesday - eazy license plate

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  1. I used to have them but got too expensive. When I had the FIRST set of 3 kids and was running ragged to school, sports things for kids, divoreced and had moved to a new area and finally got my life back together. But I was ALWAYS late. my plate was W8N4ME

    It is fun to be traveling and notice them. some of them are really hard to decipher. I think someone even put a book out years ago with plate ideas. Fun topic!

  2. Love the first one! We don’t have proper vanity plates over here in the UK, though some drivers have bought “personalised plates” with certain letter & number combinations – very expensive!

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