Not Exactly #WordlessWednesday With Linky – The Messages Sent With Pants

I saw a lady in the store wearing these pants this week. The pants fascinated me. I’ve never gotten the whole writing on the pants butt thing, especially by people who say they don’t want men staring at their butt. But this one really made me wonder. Who were they wishing luck to and for what?

Ww Pants With Words

What’s your opinion on pants with writing on the butt? Is the spoken/visible message of whatever the words say stronger then the unspoken message (look at my butt)? I really want to hear your thoughts, please leave a comment. I’m sure there’s a difference in opinion on these pants for some, so please let’s keep it respectful!

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  1. Oh man! That is just…weird. I don’t care for pants like that either and who even knows what that means. “Good luck looking away from this hot mess” maybe.

  2. The provocative wearer wants to draw attention to herself. There is an old adage, “Be careful whagt you wish for. You just might get it.”

  3. So, when I was 18, I had a pair of gym pants with “Duke” written on the butt (and a sweatshirt with Duke across the chest). I was absolutely wearing them for attention, and, let’s just say, had a much better butt than I do now. 🙂 That would be the last time I wore pants with writing on the back.

  4. Oh my goodness! I don’t like the pants with words across the butt, either. They look odd, and definitely draw attention to that area. And then when they ride up….

  5. I am not a fan of writing on the butts but I’m sorry, not trying to be rude, not a fan of when people take photos of people with their phones. I know that it’s considered ‘normal’ but I’m sure there have been times I’m out at the grocery store at 11:00 at night grabbing something or sick at the pharmacy and someone could very well be taking my picture saying she looks like a hot mess!

    1. Amanda – No disrespect taken, I can understand what you’re saying. I wouldn’t ever embarrass someone publicly, which is why she is completely unidentifiable. I purposely did not include her face or children. I only took the picture to show what pants I was talking about.

  6. I agree that Good Luck seems like a strange phrase to put on the butt of pants! I have one pair of comfy shorts with writing on the back. It says Phys. Ed. and they are the most comfortable shorts ever. I don’t think I’ve ever wore them for exercise though!

  7. I’ve never understood the writing on butts. The people that wear them most are young girls and they are certainly promoting the wrong image, as are the brands putting them out.

  8. i think the writing on butt is piointless. It’s really wrong when it’s a little girl. When my son was a baby he had sweatpants with a smiley face on the butt. He was at crawling stage so it made sense to decorate the only part you could see.

  9. I’m not a fan of writing on the butt either. I definitely won’t let my girls wear something like that. The Good Luck is so odd!

  10. I can’t really say much b/c I have football team shorts, that have the name on the butt. My daughters cheer pants have their team on the butt. I think it depends on what it says really.

  11. It’s no surprise this was in a WM. I’ve seen some horrible things inside WM, especially here in Louisiana. I have no idea what those pants mean. I hope she’s just wishing us all good luck in life, but that’s the optimistic person in me.

  12. I never did understand the printed sayings pasted on the butt of woman’s pants. I think Victoria Secret started the whole trend with their PINK line. I think they have overdone it though!

  13. I am not a fan of words written on the butt area – why would anyone want to wear them unless they want attention? It just does not seem proper and like others who have been commenting – it’s tacky.

  14. As a general rule I don’t wear clothing that says anything but I NEVER wear clothing with words on the butt! So tacky.

  15. Good luck is a bizarre message for the booty! I had a few pairs of pants with something on the butt when I was in my early twenties. I can’t remember what they said or why I thought that was a good idea.

  16. Not sure what to say, I never really notice unless you have a messed up butt or a really wide one.. LOL!

  17. Omg, this picture is hysterical! I hate pants with writing on the butt. It’s so tacky and I’ve never gotten into the trend. I’m too old for it anyway!!

  18. That is an unfortunate pair of pants! Poor thing. I think those type of clothes are kind of tacky or for teenagers only (though the messages on them are way too “adult”!).

  19. i’ll never unsee that.

    what is the point of having writing on our bums? i don’t get it. and we wonder why little girls want to grow up so fast!

  20. I do not get these pants at all, good luck? I have a few of the older PINK one’s from Victoria Secret but they are never worn out of the house, I don’t need extra attention to that area.

  21. The first time I saw this was on my teenage (at the time) daughter. Her pants said Bling Bling on the back. I thought it was the silliest thing. Every time I saw her wear them, I called her Bling Bling. She hated it.
    I think the fad is ok, but it makes a difference what is written. Good Luck leaves way too much to the imagination. I would never wear that!

  22. The only pants with writing on the bum you may see me wearing, are ones you WON’T see me wearing! LOL I think they are more reserved for around the home comfy pants. I just don’t get the point behind them and I get frustrated when my daughter’s Dad allows her to buy ones that have sayings on the bum. Drives me BONKERS.

  23. Ha Ha that is too funny.. GOOD LUCK! When she picked them up did she think ‘oh those are sassy’ or what? I hate the writing on the butts…

  24. I’ll never understand this trend. I have a teen daughter and even she thinks its tacky. Needless to say, word on butt pants have never been worn by either of us.

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