#WordlessWednesday #WW – Dobby’s First Snowstorm Was A Big One

Winter storm Janus gave us just under one foot of snow yesterday. It’s currently 7 degrees without the wind chill, with the howling wind it’s -14. I took dobby out last night and he just sank into the snow up to his belly. This morning I had to shovel a small area where he could go to the potty so he wouldn’t get submerged in the foot of snow and freeze.

WW - Dobby's First Snow

WW - Dobby's First Snow

WW - Dobby's First Snow

What’s the weather where you are?

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  1. Your puppy looks so cute in the snow. My puppy is scared of water so I’m not sure how he would go in snow. Though where I live in Australia he won’t see snow unless I take him on a very very long trek 🙂

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