Worldwide Sport Nutrition Pure Protein Shake review

As previously mentioned, I’m having bariatric surgery later this month. I’m having laparoscopic gastric banding, also known as the lap band. For a week to two weeks before surgery, many surgeons order you to go on a specific diet. Until the day of surgery I have to have approximately 115 grams of protein per day. The recommended method for me to get this protein is by drinking three 8 ounce shakes per day. Since my servings before surgery are 8 ounce I wanted to try these premade shakes.

I received a dozen cans of Worldwide Sports Nutrition Pure Protein Shake in the Frosty Chocolate flavor for review. Each 11 ounce can is one serving and has 35 grams of protein, as well as 4 grams of carbs and 170 calories. There is no aspartame in the shake and it’s suggested on the can that you refrigerate before drinking.

The shake is meant to be shaken gently before drinking. I did so and unfortunately the first time I opened one it sprayed all over the front of my shirt. I had shaken gently but I’m still pretty sure it was my fault. I attacked my shirt with Stainstick immediately but I could still see the spots. Think it’s a  coincidence that I’m reviewing the new Spray N Wash product tomorrow?

The texture was between a chocolate milk and a chocolate shake, sort of the consistency of. It was very smooth, not grainy or gritty or chalky. I thought it was a little sweet, sort of like an evaporated milk, but no so sweet that it was unpleasant. I thought I detected a teensy bit of an aftertaste after the first sip but I didn’t taste it again after that. They taste better than I thought they would.

Worldwide Sports Nutrition Pure Protein Shakes are meant as supplements and not meal replacements. I drank three yesterday and two more today before realizing that the protein in them isn’t whey protein isolate. Because my surgeon and nutritionist demand my protein come from whey protein isolate I can’t stay with these shakes any more. If you’re looking for a high protein shake made from milk protein this one is worth checking out.

Worldwide Protein Shakes are available nationwide in a variety of flavors including chocolate, vanilla, banana, strawberry, and cookies and crème. They can be purchased online as well as in stores such as The Vitamin Shoppe, GNC, Trader Joes and other health food stores.