Wordless Wednesday – Tattoo Two

A couple of days ago I got the second tattoo I had wanted. This one is for my oldest son. We all love music in this house, especially him. And like music notes developing into a song, he is developing into his own person. Like music notes in a song and forming a great masterpiece, there are ups and downs, joy and sadness. This one is on the right shoulder. I’m not planning on getting any others.

Wordless Wednesday - TJ tattoo

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  1. Awesome tattoo!!! :)I’ve got 8 but sadly – none of them have any meaning behind them other than just liking the idea at the time. :)

    1. Actually, I think he seemed to like it and think he even seemed a bit proud as I heard him telling his friend “my Mom got a tattoo with my initials”.

    1. thanks. I can’t take credit, I saw a picture that was similar to part of it and the guy completed it based on what I told him I wanted.

  2. Nice picture, but I would never get one. It isn’t because I am wimp, because I’m not. It wouldn’t be because I can’t take pain, because I can take a lot of pain. It is because I do not want to obscure the beautiful canvas that I have.

    1. Thanks. I debated getting one for years – couldn’t decide what I wanted, then thought it would be too painful. Finally figured out what I wanted and went for it, it didn’t feel like I’d expected it to feel.

  3. That looks really nice! Love it :) I have no tattoos but would love to get one. Only problem is I’m afraid of the pain. Thanks for stopping by and linking up for WW!


    1. I understand that everyone is different. I thought for years I couldn’t get one because it would hurt too much. It didn’t feel like what I thought it would feel like in the end.

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