Wordless Wednesday – One reason TJ loves Disney

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NJ Mom of 2 boys. – TJ, a 21 year old, and CJ, a 17 year old with Down Syndrome. Jersey girl. I have three younger brothers, all of whom have children. Social media enthusiast. Ds Advocate. Cat person. I love rock music! I HATE the misuse of the word retarded. I take it personally and find it very offensive.

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  1. Sarah,

    the ice cream was really good but even I couldn’t finish that in one sitting after eating lunch!


  2. Christine,
    Somewhere we have a picture of another ice cream called “the volcano” from the Rainforest Cafe in Disney. It makes this one look small!  Thanks!

  3. Toni – Unbelievably, he did not get a tummy ache! He was only eight then and the bowl seemed bigger than his head. Thanks!

  4. Hi!
    It was taken at Beaches & Cream in Walt Disney World. He was 8 then and ate it all. He remembers that ice cream and “the volcano” from Rainforest Cafe over anything else from that trip.

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