Wordless Wednesday – More Alike Than Different – Fibbing

For years I have heard all sorts of things about people with Down syndrome. I’ve been told things like people with Down syndrome aren’t capable of saying something that isn’t true. That’s right, I’m talking about fibbing. I have one word for you people – BULL! My son is a good boy, but let me assure you that he is very capable of telling a fib.

Here’s an example.

Yesterday I told my son that he needed to clean up his room because it was bed time. He was less than pleased and grumbled a little, but started cleaning his room. A few minutes later he came out and told me that he was done, and that he was going to the potty. Now in our house we never say no when it comes to using the potty, since we’re still working on using the toilet for pooping. Five minutes went by. Ten minutes went by. Things were quiet. You know what I mean, the too quiet kind of quiet. So, I walked over to the bathroom and peeked my head around the corner. This is what I found.

Wordless Wednesday - Down syndrome - More Alike Than Different - C with the Ipad on the Toilet

One fully dressed child sitting on a closed toilet with his pants up playing an app on the iPad.

See! I told you! People with Down syndrome are more alike than different.

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  1. Like any child, they do what they can get away with. All my children tried to bring toys into the bathroom–something I forbid because of clogged toiletbowls from when they dropped things in….

  2. Hi! I’m glad I came across this post. What you say is so true! I have an 11-year old step-daughter with down syndrome and she can be very, shall we say, sneaky. Particularly with food. It can be – actually it simply is – exasperating!

  3. Ah, this is awesome! I love it! My little Molly (who also has Down syndrome) likes to do things like this too! When it gets too quiet, I know I better start investigating! 🙂

  4. Thanks for the lovely post – and certainly brought a smile to my face this morning. On Wednesdays I post Wednesday’s WORD without a picture – the only post without pictures. 🙂

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