WiggleTime Viritual World Review And Giveaway

Even though he’s ten CJ still has some long time favorite characters that he still loves to watch. Those favorites include the Wiggles. He knows and loves all of the characters and really enjoys dancing along. It can be challenging to find skill appropriate online activities that CJ enjoys so when I was offered the chance to help test the Wiggles Virtual World, WiggleTime.com, I gladly accepted.

Staying true to The Wiggles philosophy of “education through entertainment”, WiggleTime.com acts as an early childhood developmental tool for both toddlers and their parents. Each game played on WiggleTime.com contains cognitive, physical and social elements to help benefit the pre-schooler. It also doubles as an educational resource center for parents to monitor their child’s development and be kept up to date with the most recent parenting news. … …The majority of the games found on WiggleTime.com have been designed to be played in stages that progressively get more challenging as the child learns. Each time they complete a game they are rewarded with virtual toys that they not only get to keep but play with as well!

WiggleTime.com, developed with the assistance of The Wiggles’ Early Childhood Consultant Dr. Kathleen Warren, is a safe and ad-free virtual online world for preschoolers designed so they can have fun and learn without parents having to worry about communication with strangers and inappropriate content online. In this environment children receive an introduction to the computer, as the game is controlled through simple mouse clicks or the keyboard arrows.

Once you create an account, the first thing your child does is create and dress their character. Then it’s off to play in the virtual world. The virtual world is full of all of the places and characters that your child already knows and loves. Players can drive the Big Red Car to familiar destinations including Wigglehouse, Dorothy’s House, Wag’s Kennel, Captain Feathersword’s SS Feathersword and Henry’s Underwater World.

As with my online activities, the game can load a bit slowly at times. Children don’t have to wait impatiently for things to load, there is a big blob of color they can play with. Even I found myself trying to stretch it out and change the shape.

WiggleTime is very colorful and easy to use. The virtual world contains games, videos and printable activities. One of the great, user friendly features inside the virtual world is that in each place your child can play a game (marked by the bouncing ball) there is a description of that game available.

There are numerous different activities for children to play. One of CJ’s favorites is hide and seek in the Wiggle house. You can play with each of the Wiggles. You’re told to find an item that begins with a certain letter. For this example we’ll say the letter S. You navigate your character through the rooms clicking on certain areas looking for the item. This may be an area you want to help your child with because the items are not right out in the open. We were looking for an S, which turned out to be a sock inside a closet in the end. We don’t keep our socks in the closet, do you?

You can even design your own pirate flag.

You can do other things also, like make music by remembering what instruments Henry’s band is using. After completing each game you get a toy, which goes into your online toy box. You can also watch a selection of videos featuring the Wiggles or Dorothy.

A neat feature of the game is that you can set it to remind you and your child to take an exercise break away from the computer every 20 minutes.

Parents also have access to a parent resource center, which contains articles, tips and techniques on subjects including nutrition, exercise, toilet training and water safety.

Parents with a premium subscription are able to view reports containing specific details of their child’s play including game play time for the month, how many games were played for how long and how many videos were watched. They also receive a discount on merchandise and pre-sale concert tickets.

A piece of information you may find helpful. WiggleTime is best viewed in the highest resolution possible. We usually have the monitor at 1024×768 when CJ plays. When we played at this resolution we could not see the entire screen. It was only when I changed the resolution to 1280×1024 that we could see everything. Nowhere is this mentioned in the FAQ or requirements. You can see the differences in the pictures below.

CJ really enjoyed WiggleTime. It’s bright and colorful and entertaining. I thought it was cute and since it kept him entertained safely that made me like it also. I’d recommend this site to any parent wanting to ensure that their child’s first stop on the internet was safe and enjoyable, and particularly to any parent whose child likes The Wiggles.

Registration for WiggleTime.com is fast and easy and each account may have up to four children on it. The basic free account gives your child limited game access and two videos per month. A premium subscription is available which gives your child full game access and ten videos per month. There’s also a premium UNICEF subscription which promotes social responsibility and unlocks new destinations and games. A percentage of each UNICEF subscription is donated to a UNICEF project to help children around the world. Premium subscriptions start at under $6 per month or $60 per year.


One winner will receive a 3-months free all-access subscription to WiggleTime.com.


To enter leave a comment on this post telling me which Wiggle character is your child’s favorite.


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