ThermaCare HeatWrap Box


ThermaCare® provides heat where some other patches and creams don’t.

  • Protected inside ThermaCare® HeatWraps are air-activated heat discs made of heat-generating materials (iron, charcoal, table salt and water).
  • When the airtight, protective pouch is opened, the discs react with oxygen in the air and warm up. It takes up to 30 minutes for the wrap to reach its therapeutic temperature of 104oF (~40oC).
  • Each ThermaCare® HeatWrap stays warm for 8 hours to provide effective pain relief to soothe and relax muscles.
  • Each ThermaCare® Arthritis HeatWrap stays warm for 12 hours to provide reduced joint stiffness for all-day arthritis pain relief.
  • When used as directed, ThermaCare® offers a pain relief therapy that is site specific without the worries of drug-drug interactions, allergies or stomach upset associated with some internal analgesics.


We’ve gotten a LOT of snow here in New Jersey in the last two weeks. The blizzard right after Christmas gave us more than 30 inches. Another storm yesterday gave us almost another 6 inches. All that shoveling can leave a body sore. I already get backaches from time to time and the shoveling and traveling through the snow only makes it worse. I tried ThermaCare HeatWrap yesterday and was surprised with what I found. After getting the truck dug out yesterday morning I put on a ThermaCare Lower Back & Hip HeatWrap. It took less than ten minutes to start noticeably heating up. Within fifteen minutes it was very toasty, about the setting of a heating pad on medium. Now I have experience with heating pads, I keep one at work. The problem with heating pads is you have to be near an outlet. And you can’t bring them with you. Pain can go with you when you go somewhere, heating pads cannot. The HeatWrap was easy to use. I took it out of the package and the air activated it. It stays on through use of stretchy velcro belt that you put over your lower back and hips. I was surprised that the belt didn’t shift during the time I wore it. The heat was just the right temp for me, warming the area to approximately 104 degrees which really made my back feel good. I wore the HeatWrap for eight hours and the heat was still going strong when I took it off. I was very pleased with my experience wearing it.


As I’m sure you know, snow shoveling isn’t the only thing that can cause aches and pains. Travel can to. In fact, according to a recent survey, 86% of Americans have aches and pains that are triggered by travel activities, with 11% of Americans reporting that they outright avoid travel due to aches and pains[1].

To help travelers ease aches and pains, the makers of ThermaCare® are inviting people to join its Travel Heat Wave by offering the following tips.

  1. Pack light – Lifting and carrying heavy suitcases can cause strain on your back. Always remember to lift from your knees instead of bending over for added support.
  2. Use rolling luggage – Take the weight off your back and arms during those mad dashes through the airport!
  3. Adjust your seat so it is as comfortable as possible – When spending long hours in a car seat make sure to adjust your seat before leaving to ensure it is as appropriate for your body type as possible.
  4. Use a pillow, blanket, or traveling neck rest for extra support – Long trips can trigger all kinds of aches and pains; packing items such as a pillow for additional lower back support or a neck rest can help eliminate or lessen common aches and pains.
  5. Take breaks and stretch– Everyone wants to get to their destination quickly, but taking short breaks at rest stops and making time to stand up and stretch, even on airplanes, will keep you feeling limber and fresh once you arrive!
  6. Pack ThermaCare® HeatWraps – Toss some ThermaCare® HeatWraps into your carry-on for when aches and pains get the best of you. These thin discreet wraps provide pain relief without the need to take pills. They can easily be worn under clothing and are flexible enough to move with you no matter where your travels may take you.

Thermacare Prize


ONE winner will receive a 2-piece matching fleece blanket & pillow set with two ThermaCare® HeatWraps. Giveaway provided by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare.


To enter leave a comment here telling me how you currently treat back or muscle pain.


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  1. My mother was burned badly from using ThermaCare. She went to the E.R. and was almost admitted because it burned 2 holes in her back. She’s still not recovered and under treatment. ThermaCare ingredients are nowhere to be found on the package. This is very, very bad business and Pfizer, of all companies should know better. My mother’s back is a mess. She was put on Vicodin. That tells you how bad the burns are.

      1. Not a chance. she’s going through a lot of pain. Was on vicodin and now her back muscle and hip are involved. This is becoming a nightmare and ThermaCare does not seem the least bit sympathetic to her problem that is costing thousands.

  2. We rarely have this problem but when we do we rest,take a pain reliever and apply heat.

  3. My poor husband has alot of aches and pains…he uses Motrin and a heating pad/hot water bottle

  4. we treat back pain with heat and ibuprofen. the heat is nice this time of year — but it’s not so nice in the summer! 🙂

  5. i currently have one of those sock rice heating packs- you place in the microwave and boy does it stink.
    tcogbill at live dot com

  6. Not a woman’s liber although one accuse me of it….hand hubby the shovel is the fastest way to avoid those back ache. If not then Thermacare.

  7. We treat back or muscle pain by taking Advil and using a heating pad. Thanks for the review and giveaway.
    jackievillano at gmail dot com

  8. Oh my gosh, my back kills me. I use (seriously) a rice filled sock that my son made eons ago in church youth group. I can microwave it or put it in the freezer and use it as a hot/cold compress. It works to ease the pain but it has a few stitches in it from holes.

  9. I do use heatwraps if my ankle is bothering me. Backpain is more treated with taking some Advil or Aleve

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