To grandma’s house we go

This week’s Heads or Tails prompt is “Getting There”.

My Mom and Dad were away so I needed to let their dogs out. They only live down the street so I walk there. Between last night and today we got a foot of snow, so the walk looked a little different than usual.

Come on, walk with me.

TJ’s footsteps.

The corner where the driveway meets the street.

The drift outside my Mom’s back bedroom door.

The dogs on the back deck.

Yes, that’s a Boxer and she had to jump to move around. Yes, that’s a Saint Bernard and the snow was most of the way up his legs.

The news reported it will be between zero and five degrees here tonight. Perhaps my next set of pictures will be of ice skating dogs. LOL.

If you want to learn more about this fun meme or play along, visit Heads Or Tails.


  1. Cool photos of the snow! My daughter would love to be there in all that snow, as ours is almost gone. My dog on the other hand will stay here where it is now relatively warm and dry.

  2. You have a lot of snow where you are. It’s still cold where I am, but most of the snow melted last week when it warmed up for a couple days.

    Thanks for the pictures of your walk. It was fun. :)

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