Things to Consider when Planning a Move

I have moved a number of times. Each and every one of those moves was done by my husband and I, most of them with no help at all. Not a fun time. Ben shared some tips on things to consider when planning a move, which I am sharing with you with permission.

Things to consider when planning a move

The moving process is a time-consuming process that requires undivided attention. It is important not to rely completely on yourself or your friends and family as they are not professional movers and not aware of all nuances. The best solution is hiring a licensed moving company that you can entrust with all moving-related assignments. Once you have found a reliable moving company (here is a great place to start looking), you will forget about all the stress and various troubles associated with relocation.


After hiring skilled movers, it is important to think about additional services in terms of your own budget Among most costly services that should be taken into consideration are:

  • Packing and unpacking. Without question we all have bulky furniture that needs to be disassembled and reassembled, along with other items that require additional packing material or some special boxes. Don’t try to save money on packing as the quality of your belongings depends on it. Fragile, breakables items require special handling as well as additional packing material – bubble wrap, cotton, etc. Of course, you are capable of packing everything by yourself but better let the experts handling it for additional payment.
  • Distance. If you are dealing with a long-distance move this may require additional costs for parking, warehouse handling, shuttle and fuel charges, and many other issues. Moreover, you will need storage to keep your possessions in.
  • Another useful feature provided by experienced movers is hoisting. Experts have special equipment that allows them to deal with bulky objects and taking your large furniture out through windows.
  • Taking heavy items up or down the stairs also requires special training. Trying to handle everything by yourself you only risk obtaining an injury.

Moving can be stressful and expensive but addressing it with the help of the right company at the beginning will preserve your peace of mind.


Common mistakes made during moving

Of course, we all want to save some money and do everything as fast as possible. Often, due to lack of experience, we make mistakes that can cost a lot of money along with time spent fixing them. Among the most common are:

  • Some of us choose not to hire professionals and rely on friends or relatives when it comes to moving. But we forget that they are not professionals and don’t have experience. We risk alienating them as relocation requires lot of hard work. Using professionals is much wiser decision.
  • Movers know what transportation to choose, whereas you may hire a few useless vans and pay a higher rate.
  • Professionals are aware of best routes and know how to save time. Inexperienced drivers may be stuck in an unknown region for hours.

There are many pitfalls. If you want to have a positive experience, hire professionals at the first place.

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  1. We are possibly moving this year out of state and I am going to hire movers this time. We have moved ourselves the last two times and it was so backbreaking. These are great tips!

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