It Seems Like Just Yesterday – Dressing For The Occasion

tj confirmation pic

My son made his confirmation three years ago. I remember it like it was yesterday. It was the first time he’d really ever been asked to dress up. We had a bit of a difference of opinion on clothes. He wore a Confirmation gown, but obviously needed to wear something underneath. I told him he needed to dress nicely. He went in his room and came out in suit pants, a t-shirt and sneakers. I told him he needed to finish dressing. He didn’t seem to understand why a fancy dress shirt would look better than a colorful t-shirt with a skull on it. I have no problem with the shirt itself but it just wasn’t appropriate for Confirmation. He finally put on the dress shoes my Mom had dug up for him and changed the shirt.

Wanting to address the grumbling I was hearing, I had to explain to him that in life there are just some events that people dress up for.

People dress up for some horse races. I don’t know why, but they do. If you are in the area on race day, you can bet on Kentucky derby fashion show. I have no idea why they dress up for a horse race, but they do. The Derby is apparently not only a giant horse race, but also a fashion event. The men wear suits and tuxedos. The women wear hats and fancy dresses. It’s quite a to-do!

Back to the subject. I explained to my son that a Confirmation is a sort of a big deal and that he needed to dress appropriately. Some of the first occasions that come to mind include Baptisms, Communions and Confirmations. I’m guessing this is out of respect for the house of worship where the ceremony takes place.Also weddings, not only out of respect for the house of worship but also out of respect for the couple. Plus that is one instance where a group picture looks better when everyone is all dressed up.

Job interviews. Of course a person wants to put their best foot forward. But I always find it interesting when a person dresses nicely for an interview and then never comes to work dressed nicely.

Dates. I totally get wanting to look your best for a date. But I don’t think you need to overdo it, since the most important thing is to be yourself and not leave a false impression.

What other occasions can you think of that people dress up for?

Wordless Wednesday – Tattoo Two

A couple of days ago I got the second tattoo I had wanted. This one is for my oldest son. We all love music in this house, especially him. And like music notes developing into a song, he is developing into his own person. Like music notes in a song and forming a great masterpiece, there are ups and downs, joy and sadness. This one is on the right shoulder. I’m not planning on getting any others.

Wordless Wednesday - TJ tattoo

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The Toolman Strikes Again

tim toolman taylor

A few years back we decided to get TJ a stereo for his room. Being the man he is, RB went out on his own and picked it up. What I didn’t know until after it had been brought home and installed was that it was a powerful unit. Powerful as in loud. I told RB that TJ didn’t need anything quite that powerful in his tiny room in our small house but he wasn’t hearing any of that. See, when it comes to music, RB is like Tim Taylor. More Power! RB connected the system so that TJ could hear everything through it, from television to Xbox 360 games. After that we had about two years where we could hear every sound coming from our sons room. The first time TJ was talking online while playing a video game was very strange for me because I heard multiple voices coming from the end of the house and I knew that only my son should be there. I actually if we were being burgled or something for a moment. (Hello, calling Vivint security please?!) Anyway. About a month ago we were informed that something wasn’t working correctly. RB checked it out and said that the system was working but that one component had broken.

Money’s tight so I figured we wouldn’t be replacing anything soon. After all, it was working. For my husband that wasn’t enough. He announced he had an idea and disappeared elsewhere in the house. He reappeared ten minutes later with a component from the system that he used in his last band. He swapped that for the broken component. Now everything is working again. Working and louder. The Toolman strikes again! He isn’t exceptionally handy, except when it comes to av equipment for the television and stereo. He won’t touch electric, for instance, he’s got a very healthy respect for that. There have been occasions where he thought he knew what he was doing and it turned out he didn’t. Those occasions were hard for all of us, as he hates being wrong. I’ve been contemplating a video system for the house lately, so I’ve been browsing lots of sites such as Vivint, looking at different products and getting ideas. If he happened to see me browsing Vivint reviews no doubt he’d either tell me we don’t need it or tell me he could do it himself. I beg to differ on at least one point.

Do you have a “Toolman” in your house? Who is it? Do you have any funny home repair stories?

Boobies And Bathing Suits

iheart boobies green bracelet

My son TJ went to the mall today with his girlfriend and her friend. The girls had wanted to go there to go shopping for bathing suits. He came home later in the evening, in an excellent mood. He said he had a good time at the mall. He’d spent $4 on a bracelet, exactly like the one pictured. Methinks that it’s no coincidence that he’s sporting a bracelet expressing a love for boobies after going bathing suit shopping with his girlfriend. It seems like it was only a short time ago that TJ used to think girls were yucky and had cooties. How time flies….

Growing Up Faster Than An Eyebrow

moustache trimmer

Here’s something that I don’t think I’ve never mentioned. RB has a unibrow. Not only that, directly out of the middle of it grows a long hair, which we call his feeler because it waves around like a tentacle.  It’s nothing a few hair removal wax strips wouldn’t take care of. But, it doesn’t bother him much so he usually leaves it alone, despite the fact that we tease him about it.

Recently TJ noticed that his eyebrows were looking a bit like his fathers. Finally proof that the boy who can’t see things in front of him isn’t blind! Anyway. I asked him if he wanted to come with me to the nail salon because they do eyebrows and facial hair removal. He said that he didn’t want to do that – I’m guessing because he’s heard me say that I hate the plucking. I asked him if he wanted me to check into hair removal cream. He said he didn’t think so and that he’d think about what he wanted to do. Two days later he’d decided on a solution to his problem. Rather than spend money he decided to use one of the moustache trimmers in the bathroom. He said he chose to do that because it was quick and easy and it wouldn’t cost anything because we already had it. How practical! I offered to do it for him but he wanted to do it himself. He did a nice even job and didn’t take off anything he wasn’t supposed to. I’m thinking I’m going to get him a smaller eyebrow trimmer of his own just to be safe. He’s growing up so fast, faster than the speed eyebrows grow it would seem.

Don’t Ride If You Don’t Know What You’re Doing

My son TJ has been thinking about blogging so I’m letting him guest post a couple of times to see if he likes it. Please say hi to him.


we the people envy bike

Me and my friends went for a bike ride to the local skate park. When we got there we decided that we were going to shoot some film for a video that we were going to post on YouTube. We were riding up and down the ramps for most of the day and pulling off dangerous tricks. My friend, who did not know what he was doing at the time, attempted a tailwhip and flipped over the bars. He hit the ground and the bike landed on him. For the past week now he has had neck pain. When he told me this I ordered him a neck pain pillow and told him to go for back pain treatment. He really should be riding.

My House Is A Little Warmer

furnace filter

My parents and LB3 were over this morning. My Dad is the go to man in my life. My husband is not exceptionally handy so there are some things I wouldn’t even want him to try. I mentioned to Dad that there was no heat in TJ’s room. I knew what the problem was there – the bed blocked the only vent. I’d bought a diffuser attachment and Dad and LB3 connected it. Then I mentioned the house had been a bit cold. Dad asked when the last time the furnace filter was changed. I told him it had easily been at least a year. He rolled his eyes and took a look.

I know where our furnace is but I have a bit of a fear when it comes to things that can cause fire. If my house had explosionproof hvac I’d go right in there. But it doesn’t. RB knows where it is also but had a hard time putting it back together. Dad took the filter out and we washed it in the tub. How disgusting it was. It’ll hold for a day or so until I get to Home Depot to get a new one.

Just another reminder that women do not always marry men like their father.

My Mob Hat

mobster hat

As parents we can wear a lot of hats, as people in general even more. TJ and I were at odds earlier. He was being a typical teen and I was being a typical Mom. I reminded him that my responsibility was to be a good parent first and foremost rather than a friend. I reminded him that I am a nice person but that I could be a mean old bitch if I had to. Which is how I decided to call it my Mob attitude. Do you have an attitude your child doesn’t like? Does it have a name?

Deal Alert – USB Graphics Tablet

buycom penpower tooya usb graphics tablet

TJ’s been getting into drawing again lately. He used to draw all the time as a young child and stopped for a while. He’s given me several beautifully done freehand drawings. In order to keep them I told him I was going to scan them into the computer. He seemed pleased and left the room with about another twenty sheets of plain paper. That got me to wondering if he continued to draw if he might enjoy a graphics tablet. I haven’t priced those in a while so did a little looking around and found one on sale on today.

The Penpower Tooya Pro USB Graphics Tablet has some terrific features that make it a really great value. It is cross platform (works on Windows 2000/XP/Vista or Mac 10.4 above). It’s generously sized, with an active area of 10″ x 6.25″.  While having a large active area, it’s also thin enough at 5mm high that it would fit into a laptop bag very well. The tablet can be used for drawing, tracing and writing, as well as as a mousepad. The tablet comes with Adobe Photoshop Elements photo editing software.

A tablet like this might allow him to take his drawing to another level if he chooses. I think it’d even let him have some more fun and get even more creative, as well as enable the drawings to easily be kept in electronic format.

The Penpower Tooya Pro USB Graphics Tablet regularly retails for $149.95. It’s currently on sale for $89.99 and has a $30.00 rebate offer through the end of this year. It also qualifies for free shipping.