Back To School Shopping At Kohl’s #sponsored

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kohls logo

My youngest son has an extended school year, so he’s still in school for another week. Then he gets a couple of weeks off and it’s back to school. He loves school. He doesn’t mind going some places with me, but he does not love back-to-school shopping. Why? Because I do his back-to-school shopping at Kohl’s.

You see, Kohl’s is like the grocery store for me. I go in Kohl’s every week or two. I go down all the aisles. I do this because they have something for everyone. From accessories (belts, backpacks, hats, etc) to clothing to housewares to jewelry to shoes to toys, they’ve got it. I also do it because you never know what you’re going to find on sale there. They have some really awesome sales. My oldest son likes to give his girlfriends nice gifts. He’s very generous. With my money, LOL. Since he is usually spending my money, I make sure we shop smart. We’ve gotten gorgeous real jewelry at Kohl’s for ridiculously low prices – a necklace, a ring and a pair of earrings. Kohl’s is the only place I will buy spacers and Individuality beads for the bracelet my parents gave me a while back.

But besides the sales, there are two big reasons I shop there. One is because I get money back when I shop there, through the Kohl’s cash program that they run rather frequently. For every $50 dollars that you spend, you get another $10 back to spend on your next trip. (If you also have the Kohl’s charge you get discounts as well.) The other is because Kohl’s is the only place I can find certain things, the most important of which is my youngest son’s pants. My son has problems with buttons and zippers. We never want to hinder his efforts to use the toilet, so we rarely put him in jeans. But fleece sweats just don’t really look all that nice, as comfy as they may be. So, in pants weather, we usually keep him in athletic pants. The non-noisy non-windbreaker style. They look like this.

Kohl's boys athletic pants Kohl's boys tshirt

Kohl’s is the only store I have ever found with those athletic pants in his size. And I’ve looked elsewhere. And when I saw elsewhere, I mean just about everywhere. I stock up on them when I find them. I get them in as many different colors as I can find, and pair them with shirts, which seem to be perpetually on sale at Kohl’s.

I’m heading to Kohl’s this weekend to get some back-to-school shopping done before our camping trip. I’ll be looking for new underwear (don’t all school years start out with that?), shirts and pants for my youngest. I’ll also be looking for some shorts for my oldest. Kohl’s is the only place we’ve found that has the style of shorts he likes in lots of colors and patterns.

If you’re getting ready to do some back-to-school shopping for your family (or, cough, a little shopping for just yourself, cough), check out the Kohl’s near you.

The Health Plan Converstion – You’ll Be Glad You Got In On It

Cigna Logo

If you’re a regular reader then you probably know that I have two boys, one of whom has Down syndrome. Over the years we’ve seen a good number of doctors – not just pediatricians, but also specialties including pediatric cardiologist, pediatric endocrinologist, pediatric orthopedic, pediatric opthamologist, pediatric urologist, pediatric audiologist, pediatric surgeon, and probably a few others that have slipped my mind. We’ve taken a couple of ambulance rides and we’ve been to about ten different hospitals. As you may know, each time you visit a different specialist you might need something before seeing that specialist in order for your insurance to cover it. For some it’s a written prescription. For others it’s a referral. For others still it’s a pre-certification. Some need documentation. Knowing what’s needed is like second nature to me, but that isn’t the case for everyone. Why does it matter? Because if you don’t have what you need, the visit may not be covered in entirety, or possibly at all. That’s scary. That’s why there is one thing I urge everyone to do, from my experience as a parent, occasional patient, and as a former medical biller. KNOW YOUR INSURANCE.

The folks at Cigna, one of the few insurance companies in our area that we haven’t had, put together a brief video that encourages people to do the same thing. They also make some other excellent suggestions.

The suggestion about the deductible and planning? Dead.On.Accurate. Having had plans with a deductible I can’t urge you strongly enough to plan things and time things for your own benefit. There are certain healthcare expenses that you can plan for. Do so. Furthermore, always know how much your deductible is, what counts towards your deductible, and how much you’ve spent towards it.

I have seen a couple of doctors over the years that didn’t give reminder phone calls or send reminder postcards. The idea of scheduling something around a particular event is a good one, so you’ll be sure to remember it even if you don’t get a reminder from the doctor about it.

Here are a few more tips from Cigna that I think are worth sharing with you.

PLAN. We’re often great at budgeting household expenses like our mortgage, groceries or vacations, but many of us don’t think about budgeting for healthcare expenses. The more you can anticipate upcoming costs, the more you can save while still receiving the high quality care you expect for you and your family.

  • Spend one night reviewing your healthcare expenses. Know what you have spent to-date and think about what your future costs may be. For example, will anyone need glasses or braces next year? Knowing what your current spending habits are and what your future costs may be, can help you budget accordingly.

PREPARE. There are a few things that you can do now to ensure you’re prepared to make quick decisions when the time is appropriate.

  • Know where the nearest urgent care facility is. These facilities provide the same quality of care for non-emergent conditions as an ER, but have shorter wait times and are typically less expensive.
  • Check your health plan to see if they offer a 24/7 nurse hotline to provide you with health-related advice around the clock.
  • Keep the phone number handy for your local pharmacy. Prescriptions can be called in quickly, right from the doctor’s office, saving time.

PREVENT. Taking advantage of preventative services offered by your health plan could mean the difference between life and early death.

  • Visit your doctor each year for a checkup – make the appointment on a memorable day so you remember each year to go! Also, take advantage of the free services offered, such as access to dieticians and nurses, who can answer questions and provide advice.

Healthcare and insurance is important. There are many things to talk about. Join the conversation at You’ll be glad you did.

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Cigna. I received a promotional item as a thank-you for participating. As always, my opinions are my own.

REVIEW – Hoover Max Extract 60 Pressure Pro Carpet Deep Cleaner

Hoover Max Extract 60 Carpet Cleaner review

Our living room carpet is old. It receives a lot of traffic from a lot of feet including 4 family members, 2 cats, and guests. That means a lot of dirt. It also has been the scene of many spills and other things, from milk, juice, coffee and soda to cats, urine and vomit. When I recently received the opportunity to try out the Hoover Max Extract 60 Pressure Pro Carpet Deep Cleaner , I just about jumped at the chance. I knew that after five years the carpet could do nothing but benefit from a deep cleaning. Plus I wanted to see how much of a difference it made in appearance and feel.

Before I share my thoughts, I’ll give you the info from the Hoover site.

This MaxExtract® deep cleaner is designed to thoroughly clean carpets and rugs.

This easy-to-use machine removes water, dirt and grime with pressurized cleaning, and has heated drying for a fast dry time. Features a double chamber nozzle to power wash surfaces with even suction across a wide path, while the automatic detergent system provides the right ratio of detergent and water for the best cleaning results. Patented Hoover® SpinScrub® brushes gently loosen dirt and clean all sides of carpet and upholstery fibers, with an adjustable speed control for various floor surfaces, including a Spill Pick-Up mode so you don’t scrub in spills.


  • MaxExtract® DualV® Nozzle Technology – we’re pulling up a lot of dirty water so your floors dry fast and you’ll be back to living on those deep-cleaned floors quickly.
  • Pressurized Edge-to-Edge Cleaning – a wall of pressurized water that loosens and lifts stubborn stains with constant and relentless spray.
  • SpinScrub® 60 – counter-rotating brushes engineered to surround carpet fibers, removing dirt at every angle. It’s like treating your carpet to a deep, massaging salon shampoo.
  • Heated Cleaning – powerful motor with forced heated air to help speed dry time.
  • Auto Conversion Tools – conveniently positioned where they should be – right at your fingertips.
  • SmartTanks™ System – separate tanks for clean and dirty water, so you can easily fill, empty and rinse each tank individually!


  • 16 oz Bottle of 2X CleanPlus™ Carpet Cleaner & Deodorizer
  • 9′ Clear Active Hose
  • Upholstery Tool

Hoover Max Extract 60 Carpet Cleaner review

The Max Extract has a suggested retail price of $229. It comes in two pieces inside of one box, and is really easy to put together. All you need to do is unscrew one screw, place the handle onto the other half of the cleaner, and redo the screw again. So simple I was easily able to do it myself. Looking for instructions on how to use the machine, I quickly red through the owner’s manual, which covers more than one model. I had to reread several times and didn’t find it particularly helpful. At one point I thought we were missing some things, a squeegee tool and a SpinScrub hand tool. I later discovered on the Hoover website that my model doesn’t come with those. Had I checked the website first I would have saved twenty minutes. It reminded me how much I wish instruction manuals were model specific, particularly for items like these. It would certainly save me from reading about features I don’t have like AutoRinse and Clean Surge.

Hoover Max Extract 60 Carpet Cleaner review

The two things needed to make the Max Extract 60 work are hot water and carpet cleaner. The carpet cleaner isn’t anything you have to make or mix, it comes in a bottle.

Hoover Max Extract 60 Carpet Cleaner review

The carpet cleaner has two canisters – a clean water canister on the top and a dirty water canister nearer the floor. The hot water goes in one side of the clean water canister and the cleaner goes in the other side of it.

Hoover Max Extract 60 Carpet Cleaner review

That’s all you need to do before you start cleaning. That and turn the machine on, which is done by pressing a big red button on the side. Using the Max Extract 60 is easy, you push it and pull it as you would a vacuum cleaner. You press the trigger while moving forward, then press it again while moving backward. Then you go over the same section without pressing the trigger, which lets the heat feature help pick up the dirty water from your carpet. In the below picture you can see one of the many stains on our living room carpet, it’s just behind the cleaner and in front of my husband’s feet.

Hoover Max Extract 60 Carpet Cleaner review

The carpet cleaned up nice. That big stain from above was much smaller and lighter, and I’ll bet with another cleaning it’ll get even smaller and lighter still or just go away. We both thought the carpet looked a lot lighter after cleaning. After we were finished the carpet was a little bit damp but not soaking wet.

Hoover Max Extract 60 Carpet Cleaner review

We know the Max Extract 60 picked up a lot of dirt. how do we know? It was in the water, which was absolutely black and disgusting. Ugh! We vacuum regularly and I never would have thought the carpets were just that dirty.

Hoover Max Extract 60 Carpet Cleaner review

Once you’re done cleaning you empty the dirty water canister, which is easy to open and rinse out. We also wiped out the area where the canister sits where it had gotten a little dirty inside. This is also a good time to clean the filter screen.

Hoover Max Extract 60 Carpet Cleaner review

That’s it. I’m picking up more of the cleaner this week so we can do the rug again. After that I’m thinking it would be a good thing to try and do monthly. I was very pleased with the performance of the machine, it was super easy to notice that the carpet was cleaner. The best thing was when my 16 year old son came into the room about an hour after I was finished and said “it smells good in here”. He was right. It smelled quite a bit better after the rugs were cleaned. If you’re looking for a carpet cleaner, this one is worth checking out.

I received a sample of this product to facilitate my review, but my opinions are entirely my own.

Safe Spending Tips For Teens From American Express

American Express Logo

According to a recent American Express Survey, more than half of parents (57%) with kids in high school and college give schools below average or failing grades in teaching kids responsible spending, with more than one-third (35%) giving a straight out ‘F’. This is compared to 37% of parents who give schools an ‘A’ or ‘B’ for teaching safe sex. My son is fifteen and  in tenth grade, and has a financial literacy class this year. While I think it’s great that schools are teaching real life skills, I also believe that it is a parent’s responsibility to educate their child about budgeting and spending.

My son started realizing about a couple of years ago that, contrary to popular rumors, money does not grow on trees. I think of his understanding of this concept as a work in progress. He gets the basic idea but needs frequent reinforcement and explanation. How do I know? Because he still occasionally asks for money for nothing, as Dire Straits puts it. My son used to get an allowance. A couple of years ago my son had stopped keeping his room neat and wasn’t taking care of the recycling and garbage as promised. RB and I talked and decided the allowance had to be cut for the time being. We didn’t think it was smart or helpful to give him money for doing nothing. My son wasn’t happy, but he seemed to understand.

About a year ago he saw me using my debit card and he asked a question about it. It was the perfect time to explain the difference between debit cards and credit cards. Debit cards are a fantastic and useful tool – I don’t know what I’d do without mine. We don’t have any credit cards. There are time that I wish we did, when we can’t afford something we need (yes need, not want). But for us, we have to work and save in order to buy things we want. This is the lesson that I feel is most important for my son to learn. Nowadays, when my son wants money, he asks for ways to earn it. I added a debit card onto mine, so that when he earns money from us I can just transfer money to his card. He’s learned to save for the things he wants the most, and to think smart when spending his money. He understands the idea of budgeting and is getting better and better at it.

American Express has collaborated with personal finance expert Jean Chatzky and parenting expert Stacy DeBroff to create the Practice Safe Spend campaign, designed to help parents teach their college-bound kids how to practice safe spending. Here are some things to keep in mind when discussing safe spending and budgeting with your teenager.

Protect yourself from a budget blowout: There are college expenses you plan for – food on the meal plan, books – and then there’s everything else. Laundry, late night pizza and other extras add up fast. Decide how much your teen will have for these variables, tell them to track all spending, then check back in a month to see how it’s working out.

Understand that no means no: It happens to parents, too – paying for a killer outfit or electronic gadget with a credit or charge card, only to feel the delayed sticker shock at month’s end. Before your college student arrives on campus, talk about the types of spending temptations they may experience and should avoid while at school.

Understanding spending personalities and when it’s more than a fling. Get to know your teen’s spending and savings tendencies, and use this insight to help them develop a customized smart spending plan that can carry them through college and beyond.

Keep your teens close and their spending closer: A card linked to your account proves ideal for teens in emergency situations. Parents never know when their young adult might need immediate access to additional funds to get themselves out of a jam. For example, their car might break down and they need to pay for a tow. You can give your teen a charge card like the American Express Additional Card with Custom Limits, that allows you to quickly and easily raise their spending limit – granting them access to additional funds – simply by going online.

To read all of the “Practice Safe Spend” tips, please visit

Have you started discussing responsible spending and budgeting with your child? What age do you think is a good one to start talking about these topics?

I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of American Express and received a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

Please Vote For Me In The Mom Central Grant Contest

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Can I ask for a favor again? I’ve entered a contest through Mom Central. the prize is a $2,000 grant. I’d really love to win this. I’d really appreciate it if you’d take a moment to check out my entry and vote. What I mean is, Please vote for me! Voting goes till the 15th. You can vote once per day. Thanks!

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Crest Pro-Health Complete Rinse Follow-up

Crest Pro Health Complete Bottle

Last month Mom Central asked me to try using Crest Pro-Health Complete Rinse twice a day for a month as part of my daily dental care routine. Feeling the way I do about the dentist, I was only too glad to try this out.

About Crest Pro-Health Complete Rinse – Crest Pro-Health Complete Rinse gives you six benefits in one rinse, for a more complete way to get better dental checkups vs. brushing alone.

  1. Rebuilds Teeth Enamel
  2. Helps Prevent Cavities
  3. Cleans Teeth & Gums
  4. Kills Bad Breath Germs
  5. Freshens Breath
  6. No Burn of Alcohol.

It’s been a month now and I wanted to follow up and share my thoughts on this product. First of all, the taste. I haven’t tired of the taste after a month. It’s like Goldilocks’ porridge – just right. It isn’t so strong that your mouth is burning and it isn’t so weak that you feel like you didn’t use anything. It’s very pleasant. Pretty color too!

Second, the directions are pretty clear. That may sound funny, but not all are. Most mouthwash bottles don’t remind you not to rinse. Most don’t remind you not to eat or drink for a half hour. But these things make sense! Why use a product if you’re not going to let it work and you’re only going to rinse it away or throw other stuff in there! I guess it’s a bit like adding 10 dirty dishes into the dishwasher five minutes before the cycle is finished – they’re not going to get clean and the other dishes are going to get their dirt all over them. You may wonder why I mention the directions. Well, it’s a pretty widely accepted school of thought that things work better when you follow the directions.

I am very pleased with Crest Pro-Health Complete Rinse. I’m really glad that I started using it. While I still don’t like the dentist, I am feeling a little bit better about going to see him this month because I know I’ve been proactive and done what I could to take the best care of my teeth possible. I love that this rinse doesn’t have alcohol, because it doesn’t burn and taste bad. I like that it has flouride, to help prevent cavities.

Crest Pro-Health Complete Rinse is available nationwide with a suggested retail price of $4.59 (500mL) / $5.89 (1L).

“I wrote this review while participating in a test drive campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Crest and received a sample to facilitate my candid review. Mom Central sent me a gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate.”

Frigidaire Professional Refrigerator – Life May Happen To Me But Not My Fridge

Full Frigidaire

It seems like summer was only starting a week or two ago and now it’s over. You know how it goes – life happens. Fortunately for me, my 22.6 Cu. Ft. Counter-Depth Frigidaire Professional Refrigerator handles life’s ever changing playing field better than most people could ever dream.

frigidaire cleaning 2

This gorgeous and functional refrigerator has handled everything my family has thrown at it (literally and figuratively) and then some. We had a small food fight. Yes, that happens from time to time around here. It’s a marvelous stress reliever. Didn’t you know? The real stainless steel fridge has a protective coating that reduces fingerprints and smudges, making it super easy to clean. Just wipe and you’re done. The stainless steel doesn’t have any little grooves like our last fridge where dirt can hide. Who wouldn’t appreciate that!

frigidaire full fridge

We have crammed this fridge so full of things that we literally couldn’t fit a single additional item.  That’s pretty amazing considering that it has the most usable shelf space as compared to other counter depth side by side models. The built in SpaceWise Organization system, with its extra bins, racks and containers  make it easy to keep food organized and easy to find when you need it. Unbelievably, no matter how full it is it’s easy to find things because of the clear shelves and the terrific lighting. Speaking of the lighting, it’s ramp up lighting and I love it. Ramp up lighting means that the lights start dim and gradually rise. This is awesome if you’re up very early in the morning or really late at night – no blinding ufo lights in the kitchen any more. Sometimes when a fridge is full things spill a little, especially if you have a fourteen year old son that doesn’t close things all of the way.

frigidaire cleaning 4

The SpillSafe Shelves help keep these little accidents contained, so they don’t make an even bigger mess.

frigidaire ice

The freezer accommodates winter and summer cooking and shopping habits. Power Plus Freeze helps you freeze foods quickly. We’ve never had ice cream be soft eight hours after buying it. We’ve never had food change color because it wasn’t freezing quickly enough. The ice machine pumps out ice, enabling you to keep up with family, guests and thirsty children. Ice production increases up to 37 percent more if you activate the Power Plus Ice feature. We have never, ever, run out of ice.

You might wonder with all of these features how energy efficient this fridge is. It’s very efficient and budget conscious. In case you missed it, it’s a got a built in alarm that sounds when the door’s been left open for too long. Do you know how nice it is not having to say “Close the refrigerator door, we’re not air conditioning the house with it” any more? There’s no denying it if the door’s open and the boys learned early to shut it quickly. On top of that, this year Frigidaire won the EPA’s 2010 Energy Star award, specifically for their “Swap and Save” Energy Star Promotion. Check out the Frigidaire Eco Savings page and see what would happen if you upgraded your appliances. You might just be surprised at what you learn there.

You can learn more about my fridge and other Frigidaire appliances by visiting

“I wrote this review while participating in a Test Drive Campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Frigidaire and received a Frigidaire Refrigerator to facilitate my review.”

frigidaire logo

Frigidaire – In The Heat It Has Power Plus

power plus buttons

(Pardon the awful picture. I have a terrible time taking pictures in my kitchen due to the lighting.)

Summer is here. This past week we’ve had temperatures as high as 104. This is the kind of weather that I hate to go grocery shopping in, because my food always starts to get warm and melt before I’m home. We all know it takes longer to freeze a lot of things than just one or two. With my last fridge there were times I bought ice cream in the summer and after six hours in the freezer it was still soft and not as cold as it should be. This weekend was the first time I got to use a feature on my Frigidaire 22.6 Cu. Ft. Counter-Depth Professional Refrigerator that I was very curious about – Power Plus Freeze. Power Plus Freeze activates a faster rate for freezing food quickly. The freezer runs colder for 12 hours to achieve -6 degrees Farenheit. This feature is great in the summer, but also in the winter if you stock your freezer full of your favorite foods.

You may recall that the Frigidaire has a built in ice maker. It rocks. (Rocks,  as in on the rocks – get it?) It can dispense both crushed and cubed ice. Plus, the ice is filtered! The ice maker produces eight cubes every 75 to 90 minutes under normal circumstances. We’ve never run out of ice. On the panel is a setting called Power Plus Ice. This feature increases ice production, providing up to 37 percent more ice in a 24 hour period. Yesterday was the first time that we’ve entertained and needed a lot of ice on a really hot and humid day. I wasn’t sure how my Frigidaire would handle the challenge.

Yesterday we had guests over from 2 pm until 9 pm for a little party. It was a smoothie party so we had lots of beverages. Those that weren’t drinking smoothies were drinking juice, water and soda – all on ice. With our old fridge, whenever we entertained we had to buy bagged ice. That’s because we just couldn’t make ice fast enough in the ice cube trays. Even when the ice machine worked it took a long time to make the ice. The Frigidaire kept up beautifully. I’m so thrilled to say there was no challenge at all, the Frigidaire surpassed my expectations in the ice making department.

It’s a beautiful thing to open your freezer and always see this when you need ice, don’t you agree?

frigidaire ice

You can learn more about my fridge and other Frigidaire appliances by visiting

“I wrote this review while participating in a Test Drive Campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Frigidaire and received a Frigidaire Refrigerator to facilitate my review.”

frigidaire logo

Flavor Your Day – Aquafina FlavorSplash – A Flavor A Day Will Keep Boredom Away

aquafina flavorsplash raspberry

During my time as an Aquafina FlavorSplash Mom Ambassador I’ve really enjoyed trying all of the flavors and have definitely developed favorites. Water is so important to the human body but plain water all of the time can get a little boring. The fruity flavors of Aquafina FlavorSplash are a great way to keep that boredom away.

The six Aquafina FlavorSplash flavors are:

My favorites are Grape and Wild Berry, followed closely by Lemon and Raspberry. The Lemon is sort of like Lemonade but not nearly as tart. I tried making iced tea with it instead of plain water and found the resulting taste to be quite interesting. The Raspberry is fruity and reminiscent of flavored water ice. All of the flavors taste best iced or cold. Peach Mango has more peach flavor than mango, something I was happy about as I’m not nuts about the taste of mango. If you like peach you’ll like this and if you like peach and mango you’ll love it. The Strawberry Kiwi I didn’t care for as I don’t like the taste of kiwi but RB loved it and guzzled it all right down.

Remember, there’s currently a coupon good for $1 off a 6-Pack of FlavorSplash at


THREE winners will each receive a coupon for a free six pack of Aquafina FlavorSplash water and a FlavorSplash Lip Balm.


To enter eave a comment on this post telling me which Aquafina FlavorSplash flavor you’d like to try most AND a suggestion for another fruit flavor you’d like to see them come out with.


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“I am a participant in a Mom Central campaign for Aquafina FlavorSplash and have received various FlavorSplash samples to facilitate my participation. Mom Central will send me a gift card at the end of the program.”

aquafina flavorsplash logo


Flavor Your Day – Aquafina FlavorSplash Grape

aquafina flavorsplash grape 6 pack

Remember that I’m an Aquafina FlavorSplash Mom Ambassador? Well this week’s flavor was grape.

Did you ever have a freezer pop? When you got towards the bottom did you suck the juice out of the plastic sleeve? I always did. Those frozen treats were so tasty on a hot day. I always thought they’d taste great in a glass on ice. Unfortunately, that would probably have more sugar than I’d care for. Lucky for me there’s something that tastes just as yummy and has no sugar – Aquafina FlavorSplash Grape.

The Aquafina FlavorSplash Grape has lots of grape flavor. It tastes very much like the frozen grape freeze pops. You can taste the grape enough that you’d almost expect this flavored water to be purple. Grapes are one of my favorite fruits. I like them chilled but other members of my family like them frozen.

Growing up my Mom always made her own ice pops. she’d use juice and water and put them into the molds and freeze. Guess what? It works with the grape Aquafina FlavorSplash too. I tried it and found the ice pops to be tasty and refreshing. I didn’t miss all the sugar from the juice at all. Try it!

There’s currently a coupon good for $1 off a 6-Pack of FlavorSplash at

“I am a participant in a Mom Central campaign for Aquafina FlavorSplash and have received various FlavorSplash samples to facilitate my participation. Mom Central will send me a gift card at the end of the program.”

aquafina flavorsplash logo