Wordless Wednesday – Long Time Coming

Applied To Graduate

I filed my application to graduate. And the paperwork to walk in the ceremony. Barring a major complication I will graduate with my Associates Degree this May. I’m actually kind of excited.

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CampusBookRentals – A Site I Wish I Knew About Sooner

CampusBookRentals logo

As you may know if you’re a regular reader, I went back to school this year. I am a full time student once again. I attended full time for the Spring 2012 semester. Then I took two 5-week summer courses. Now, for the Fall 2012 semester I am full time once again. Something I didn’t rally think about before registering this past spring was books. specifically, how much college textbooks cost. Wow are they expensive! For the spring and summer semesters I bought my books. At that time I had no idea that you could rent textbooks. Had I known I definitely would have done so. Why? Here’s why.

See this ordinary looking textbook?

Biology Text

It’s the textbook that was required for my Bio class over the summer, Biology – The Unity and Diversity of Life.

Bio Text Bookstore Prices

That required book was $222.75 for a new textbook or $167.10 for a used book at my college bookstore.

Doesn’t seem so harmless now, does it? (Psst. And that was without the accompanying required workbook!)

Had I known about CampusBookRentals, then textbooks wouldn’t have seemed so scary and upsetting. And I wouldn’t have had to hock my left arm to pay for them.

BioText Campusbookrentals price

Yes you read that right. CampusBookRentals only wants $11.61 to rent that book until the end of the term.

The benefit here is obvious – BIG savings! Students can save 40-90% off of bookstore prices by renting their texts from CampusBookRentals. Plus, you get free shipping both ways too! Two things I thought of. I’m a highlighting kind of student. I wondered if I could highlight things in a rented text. Answer = yes! I also wondered what would happen if the student’s college term was a bit longer then the default rental time period. Or, if the student just wanted to snuggle with the book a little longer. No problem, the renting periods are flexible and you can even set your own return date! When compared to buying from the college bookstore, I just couldn’t think of a downside to renting from CampusBookRentals. I wish I’d known about them a few months ago, before I bought some books. And in case you’re feeling a little philanthropic, CampusBookRentals donates to Operation Smile with each textbook rented. Operation Smile is an organization that performs life changing cleft lip surgeries on children whose families could not otherwise afford it. Combine that news with the thought of saving all that money and I bet you’re smiling!

Here’s a brief video explaining how renting textbooks from CampusBookRentals works.

This is a sponsored post. As always, any personal opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced by the sponsor.

Wordless Wednesday – Bio Shower

So I’m taking a summer college course in Principles Of Biology. We were covering lab safety and he pointed out the eye wash station. It’s part of a shower that’s in the room. he said if we spilled something on ourselves we’d need to take a shower before leaving the room. I’m such a klutz, they better find me a shower curtain!

Wordless Wednesday - Biology Shower

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Spring 2012 Midterm Update

Jules In My Bookbag

So far all in all my first semester back in college has gone pretty well. The biggest downfall is the amount of books I have to carry, shown in the above picture. Ugh! Anyway. I don’t particularly dislike any of my courses, and there are different things I like about each.

I’m enjoying learning about Photography and how to take some of the neat types of shots that I’ve seen in the past. I actually thought that this would be a pretty simple class but it turns out there actually are things to learn if you want to take good pictures. All assignments for the class must be shot in manual mode and I haven’t shot on automatic since January, even when I was able. I’m happy to say that while I still have a lot to learn my pictures are improving. I got an A on my midterm and this week not only got an A on some photos I submitted but some really complimentary words from the teacher. The teacher is my age and has a dry, somewhat sarcastic sense of humor that cracks me up.

Psychology is getting better. It was never bad but in the beginning we had to learn about parts of the brain and body and such. I am proud to say that I passed the midterm without the curve, something it seems a good number of people in the class are not able to say. Right now we’re getting into Personalities and it’s looking to be pretty interesting.

We didn’t have a Midterm in English and I just started work on a major research paper. Some of the things we’re doing in that class are interesting and I can see that when I really put my mind to it there is a difference in what I write.

Public Speaking is, well, it is what it is. I don’t love it and I don’t hate it. I’m still not crazy about standing up in front of a crowd. It’s from my fat days I think, when I hated people looking at me. There was no Midterm but I got an A on the quiz. I just gave another major speech today, and I feel like I did a little better this time not moving around.

And that’s it for now.

How Students Pay For College

I feel education is very important. Yes, that includes college. I did attend college for a semester or two and was fortunate that my parents were willing and able to pay for me to go. I was young and decided I didn’t want to be in college at that time. How stupid I was. By the time I decided that I wanted to go back, I couldn’t afford it. That’s still the case now. I’d love to go back and at least finish my 2 year degree but just can’t afford it. My fifteen year old is in high school and I’m hoping that he’ll want to go to college and realize how important it is. Unfortunately, we’ve never been able to make enough to save money to give him for this. We’ll help him in any way we can but my best guess is that we won’t be able to be of much help. Which leaves me wondering exactly how my son will be able to pay for college if he wants to go. I found this infographic quite informative. I had no idea that the percentage of grants available was as high as it shows.

If you can’t read the How Students Pay For College graphic at this size, click it and click it again to expand it to full size.

fill the gap infographic

Clorox College Survival Guide For 2009

clorox college survival guide 2009

I watched my neighbor pack up her oldest and send him off to college not long ago. I remember as a young student in college the uncertainty over everything. What about laundry? What about meals? Mom put me on a meal plan and laundry would be done at home on the weekends. I arrived at school on freshmen move in day only to develop a whole new list of worries. How should I decorate my room without looking childish to others? What would be the best way to organize my room? Did I have everything I needed in my room? What if I got sick? How would I ever manage with only a pay phone in the hall to use? My Mom assured me everything would be ok and that she was only a phone call away. That helped. For about an hour. I don’t really know how she fared once she left the campus.

The Clorox College Survival Guide 2009 is a free guide that contains tips, hints, information and advice provided by college students and their parents.

The guide is full of tips such as:

  • A “heads up” on the popular regional trends in clothing and accessories as well as activities that come along with going to school in the Midwest, the Northeast, the South, and the West Coast
  • Instructions for a “5-Minute Dorm Room Clean-Up”
  • Seasonal influenza and novel H1N1 2009 flu virus prevention tips
  • Dorm room “must-haves” for living away from home
  • Lifestyle tips from experienced Moms

Learn a little bit more about the guide in this brief video.

With flu season almost upon us and a growing concern for H1N1 I find the germ control tips most helpful. After all, germs are everywhere and college students will be sharing their space with strangers, which means they’ll be sharing space with their germs. I think it’s great that there is even a polite reminder on something that not everyone knows – the correct way to cover your cough. Hint, it’s not using your hand. I also think it’s neat that the guide offers information about regional trends, so students might feel more at ease in a new place away from home.

You can download the Clorox College Survival Guide 2009 national edition at www.momcentral.com/collegesurvivalguide2009.
There are also regional editions that you can find by visiting the College Survival Guide Facebook fan page, which you can find when you search “College Survival Guide 2009″ on Facebook. You can also become a fan of the College Survival Guide Facebook fan page.

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of The Clorox Company and received a gift certificate to thank me for taking the time to participate.”

Miscellaneous Mentionables

I frequently receive email from companies asking me to share news or discounts with my readers. Each week I’ll gather the best requests and share them with you here.

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Burbank, Calif., July 9, 2009 – Warner Bros. Digital Distribution today announced the availability of exclusive Harry Potter content on the iTunes Store (www.iTunes.com). Harry Potter fans can download for free and enjoy never before seen footage from the highly anticipated film “Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince” and a Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince App.

Making its worldwide debut today is an exclusive podcast titled “Being Me Has Its Privileges,” from the upcoming theatrical release, hosted by Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter), Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) and Emma Watson (Hermione Granger. In their continuing search for the retrieval and destruction of Voldemort’s Horcruxes, Dumbledore takes Harry on a dangerous venture into an unknown cave where he believes they will find one of the dark objects. Because of the perilous nature of the journey, Dumbledore makes Harry promise that he will do whatever it takes to save himself – no matter what.

Also debuting today is an all-new “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” app that is available for free on the Apple App Store at www.itunes.com/appstore/. Fans can interact with an authentic recreation of Dumbledore’s Pensieve – a device that allows them to view memories by unlocking Memory Vials to explore the vast assortment of official film content that appears in the Pensieve including: videos, posters, character information; and much more. . They can insert themselves and their friends into a Wanted Poster or the Daily Prophet by using the iPhone camera or uploading a photo from their album on to an iPod touch.

Additionally available is a special Harry Potter Retrospective clip, which gives fans a chance to relive the magic of years one through five.