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Bloggers Give Earlier this week, while traveling through some of the blogs I regularly read I noticed a cause named Bloggers Give mentioned. I liked what I read and wanted to learn more about how to help so I added it to my to-do list. Before I had a chance to learn more I was contacted directly by Louise from about Bloggers Give, after she read some of my blog. I’m still frequently surprised to learn that people notice my blog so I was tickled pink and very honored to learn that someone that stands out in the blogging community noticed it and asked me to help with this cause.

Bloggers Give is a non-profit organization that was founded by Trisha from The organization is collecting items for The Center For Courageous Kids.

The Center For Courageous Kids is a camp in Scottsville, Kentucky for seriously ill, disabled and special needs children and their families. The camp, founded in 2004, gives the children the opportunity to be with other children with similar conditions while allowing them to have fun and feel good about themselves in a safe place. Registration is free, which is awesome because in this case the camp isn’t any old camp and free encompasses much more then most people realize. I’m not talking about tent camping, or a bunch of kids at a week of sleep away camp. I’m talking about facilities, equipment, programs and staff specialized to the children’s needs.

Most places in society just aren’t accessible enough for these children. They’re just not built that way and could present physical, social and emotional issues. I have a special needs child. I can’t tell you how huge the need is for places like this camp, and how much they mean to the families. I’m talking about places that welcome your children with open arms, just as they are. Places where there are other families like yours – people who understand what you feel, what you deal with, what challenges you face and what you go through ever day.

Back to Bloggers Give. I am proud to say I think their mission is a great one and that they need help. I’m proud to be able to say that these are bloggers, like me, and that they see a need and want to fill it. It makes me feel proud to call myself a blogger. So, if you are asking me to do a product review, please consider donating a second item to the Bloggers Give cause. It isn’t mandatory for you to do it in order for me to review your product but I guarantee it will make you feel good. And I’ll find a nice place on this site to put your banner up or link to you, letting the world know you want to help make a difference.

If you’re a fellow blogger, please consider joining in this cause with us. Readers, you don’t have to be a blogger to help, you can get in on this and help too!

To learn more about Bloggers Give and how you can help visit


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