Sleeping Near The Floor

Bed on floor

My oldest son’s bed broke this week. Something happened and the frame gave way, collapsing while he was in the bed. He couldn’t sleep in a bed that was tilted at a 90 degree angle, so he just crashed on the floor. Ah the joy of youth! I reminded my husband that we still had half a bunk bed put away. It had been the top half of a set in my youngest’s room but he got to an age where he was too big to have a bunk over him. I told RB that we should put that bed into my oldest’s room. My oldest overheard me and asked me not to. I asked him why and he said he would prefer to just sleep on the mattress and boxspring. This surprised me, because it’s certainly lower to the ground then he usually sleeps. When he explained why, I understood.

My son’s bedroom is very small. Like 6 x 9 small, approximately. He has an entertainment center in there, which holds his television, video game systems and stereo. That entertainment center can only go on the long wall. You can’t put the bed on the other long wall because then there’s very little room to walk between the two, and no room to sit on the floor and play video games. So you’re stuck putting the bed under the window on the short wall. The problem with that is that that short wall happens to be where the only vent in the room is. My son’s room has been pretty hot, and we all decided it was because the air couldn’t circulate efficiently with most of the vent blocked. so my son said he wanted to try the mattress and box spring without a frame, to see if it was cooler. I told him if it was what he wanted to try we’d give it a go. so for now that picture above is what the bed looks like.

I told him that after we got through the holiday season I wanted to save up some money and put a flat panel television in his room. Then we could retire the entertainment center and instead look at some tv stands, and find something smaller to put his video games on. So that’s the plan. Unless we happen to come into money, at which point we’d add on to the house.

I laid on the bed and found it way too close to the floor for my liking. But I guess that’s better then being too hot or too cold. Anyway. How low to the ground do you think is too close to the ground for sleeping?

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  1. If he likes it–great! I have my bed an extra foot higher than most beds. I don’t like the dogs jumping up on it to sleep on it during the day. When we first did it, I was so afraid that I was going to fall out of bed with it being so high. 🙂

  2. My two oldest girls shared a room when they were young and they went through a stage of sleeping on the floor in their sleeping bags. Might have been the lure of sleeping with the dog since the dog wasn’t allowed on the beds. It didn’t hurt them at all, and I don’t think there is a rule of being too close to the floor. My college son sleeps on the floor a lot because he says it makes his back feel better (he’s an athlete).

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