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Shop Your Way Max

Do you shop online? I do. I shop online a lot. I find online shopping to be very convenient, and to save a lot of money. Of course there are a few things that I keep in mind when I shop online besides price. They are the cost of shipping and how long it will take the item to arrive. If an item costs an arm and a leg to ship I won’t buy it online. Free shipping is something I usually look for. And if an item can’t get here as quickly as I need it I’ll pass on that purchase as well.

Well, there’s a new player in the free fast shipping game – Shop Your Way MAX. Shop Your Way MAX  offers free two-day shipping on Sears and Kmart merchandise for just $39 per year. Shop Your Way MAX is available to members of Shop Your Way. If you’ve been reading Mom Knows It All for a while then you probably remember that Shop Your Way is a program that offers you points back for every $1 you spend on qualifying purchases at Sears and Kmart, as well as at Lands’ End, and mygofer. Add free shipping on to that and Shop Your Way MAX is just PRIME for the taking.

It’s PRIME TIME to become a member of Shop Your Way MAX – it’s free for 90 days! Sign up and activate free two-day shipping for just $39 per year!

What’s the biggest reason you prefer to shop online or in a store? I really want to know, please leave a comment!

Shop Your Way Max - free shipping

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  1. SHopping online is how I roll and free shipping is a plus. Thanks for sharing- I shall check it out soon.

  2. I am touchy feely and like to evaluate the quality and sizing of products. Pictures and descriptions can be misleading. Many S&H fees are exorbitant. Plus prices even clearance are usually higher than store clearance ones for similar things.

  3. $39 for a year of shipping? That is a really great deal considering that shipping can usually run $5-$10 per order. Thanks for letting me know about this great offer.

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