2015 HOLIDAY GIFT IDEA – Schmovie Game

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Schmovie party game

A good game night can be lots of fun and can be a great opportunity to make memories that will last and keep you laughing for years to come. I love to play games, with kids, family and friends. A game that is versatile enough to be played with all adults, all kids, or a mixture of adults and kids is a win in my book.

Schmovie movie game

  • Pricing – $19.95 retail
  • Suggested age – 8 and up
  • You can purchase Schmovie on amazon, as well as at independent retailers nationwide, and select Barnes & Noble stores.
  • Learn more about Schmovie on the Galactic Sneeze website. You can also join in the fun on social media, on the play-along Facebook page and on Twitter sharing popular #hashtag games.

What would you call an ACTION FILM about a MUTANT SANDWICH? “Alien vs Breadator”? “Despicable Meat”? “Beauty and the Beef”?

The object of Schmovie is to write funny titles for make-believe movies based on an outlandish premise. Collect Schquid Trophies for winning titles as you laugh yourself silly.

Schmovie is all about creativity, imagination, and laugh-out-loud fun! Playing with adults only? Schmovie can be as tame or as wild as you’d like. Have more than six players? Break into teams! Who needs movie night … when you’ve got Schmovie night?!

Schmovie movie party game


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