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Rite Aid Back To School

School starts up again this week. That means it’s time to be thinking about school supplies. Yes I know it would make sense to think about it sooner than a few days before school, but our district doesn’t hand out the list of supplies until after school starts. Once school starts around here there is a mad dash to the mass merchandisers, with all of the parents looking for the same things. Every year there is at least one thing I cannot find in time. One year it was a calculator. Another year it was a three subject notebook. I know, it makes no sense. You’d think that the schools would send out the lists earlier in the summer, you know, to give parents time to plan and shop. After all, the National Retail Federation (NRF) calls the back to school season the second biggest shopping season of the year behind only Christmas. It’s projected that more than $83 billion will be spent during the 2012 back-to-school season, with a notable increase this year in value-seeking shoppers. In short, even more people are going to be looking for bargains now. So with all that shopping going on, it’s no big leap of the imagination that the two mass merchandisers in our area will be packed and picked clean again this year. It was recently brought to my attention that Rite Aid carries back to school supplies such as paper, binders, notebooks, pens, pencils, crayons, tape, glue, scissors, backpacks, lunch boxes and more.

I received a back to school package from Rite Aid with tons of great stuff in it including:

  • Record A memory Book: The School Years
  • 5 Star 7-Pocket Expanding File
  • Brain Games For Kids Kindergarten book
  • Paper Mate Inkjoy Pens
  • Pilot Pens
  • Elmer’s Colored Glue Sticks
  • Playskool 24 pack of crayons
  • Quick Letter Pads for Bulletin Boards
  • Poster Lights
  • Angry Birds notebooks
  • Scotch scissors
  • Scotch tape

I had two favorite items in this package. I love the 7 pocket zipper binder and it’ll be really useful for me. This binder would be useful in helping any student (or professional) get organized. It’s got room for papers and files in the tabbed pockets, and even room to hold a notebook and/or pad of paper. The Record A Memory Book is really neat, it’ll be perfect for my niece. This book has a page for each school year. Each page has room for a photo, notes like who your teacher was, report cards, artwork and more, plus the ability to leave a personalized recorded message. How fun it will be for children who use this book to look back in years to come and hear their own voices when they were younger!

Not only does Rite Aid carry the “stationery” types of school supplies, they carry other items too, including electronics such as calculators. They do carry the Texas Instruments graphing calculator that many high school students need, which is what I couldn’t find one year. They also have some of those items that you find yourself needing in a hurry, such as flash drives and ink cartridges. And, for college students, they have kitchen accessories and small appliances such as coffee makers, dorm decor, and food.

If you haven’t finished your back to school shopping yet, don’t forget that Rite Aid is right around the corner and has lots of the right stuff for back to school.


Rite Aid is again offering a dedicated value website at http://savenow.riteaid.com explaining all the different ways to save at Rite Aid including the mail-in and online Single Check Rebates plus Video Values, which allows customers to print coupons in exchange for watching product videos. Members of Rite Aid’s free customer rewards program wellness+ can save even more with big sale prices and an average of $100 a week through +UP Rewards. +UP Rewards printing on the bottom of register receipts from select wellness+ purchases and are used liked cash on a future Rite Aid shopping trip.

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