REVIEW – Sports Shield Bandages

Sport Shield Bandages review

Since becoming a parent I’ve come to think of bandages as a sort of status symbol. Smiling and triumphant – Look I’ve got a booboo! Sadfaced and ouchy – Look I’ve got a booboo. Kids just seem to love bandages. I don’t even know how many times I watched my own children bump into something and then ask for a bandage. Now plain bandages are boring. And characters, not everybody likes the same characters. I was recently introduced to Sports Shield Bandages.


Created by the Jolly Group, who entered the first aid/wound care industry in 1995, Sports Shield Brand is no ordinary bandage. While it serves its purpose protecting cuts, scrapes and minor wounds, it also helps you show your passion and allegiance to your favorite sport.

Sports Shield bandages are appealing to all ages and gender, made from super lightweight, latex free material and offer top-quality protection and flexibility for even the most active individuals. Their full, non-stick pad design offers more wound-coverage and is soft and flexible, easily conforming to the body. It’s like you’re not even wearing them!

Ideal for anyone active in sports, Sports Shield bandages are available in two different sizes for adults and kids alike and come in eight additional designs: “Baseball,” “Basketball,” “Football,” “Soccer,” “Hockey,” “Cheerleading, “Girls Soccer” and “Fun Fashion.” They truly are The Choice of Active People™!

The company also has available non-sports- themed bandages with two designs also available July 24th. Perfect for action-loving boys, “Rescue” themed bandage features fire trucks and ambulances, while “Lady Bug” – adorned with butterflies and ladybugs – is sure to delight little girls.


I received samples of Sports Shield Bandages. Each bandage is individually wrapped. The wrapper pulls apart at one end, which some will prefer over the wrappers that you have to rip open. The designs are colorful. I think these bandages are a good alternative for the children who don’t like characters on their bandages. Also, for children that feel they are too big for characters but plain bandages are boring.

Suggested retail price for 25 count packages is $2.50 each and $4.00 for the super size variety pack with 16 different themed bandages.

Sports Shield Bandages

Sports Shield Bandages

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  1. I love love love these. I have always been a fan of different colors/characters/themes of bandages. Kids love the colorful band-aids and even my son will leave them on (he is 2). I would wear these too and they aren’t that expensive 2.50 isn’t that bad.

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