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Chilly Jilly Lightweight Women's Accessories

On the go me needs wrinkle-resistant, soft, comfortable, warm basics to wrap me in high fashion. Recently I received three Made in the USA Chilly Jilly pieces: The Jacket, The Gloves, and The Elite Wrap. Each is a whole lot cozy in a little bag. They beat all the sweaters, scarves, and gloves stored in my dresser.

I get up this morning to a cold house. The fact is that the fire in our coal stoker has died out. Brr. Remembering the words, “Put on a sweater,” that I heard so often as a child, I opt for The Jacket available in off white and black in S/M, L, XL. This is the ultimate classic basic fashion topper with asymmetrical sides to let hang or tie. Its 32% microfiber, 8% spandex, is machine cold, hang dry. It looks regal, silky, and amazingly crease free even after being draw-string bag stored. It fits great and provides me all the warmth I need without the bulk.

Chilly Jilly Lightweight Women's Accessories Chilly Jilly Lightweight Women's Accessories

I have some must do errands today. The snow hubby has been shoveling is still coming down. I don my new pewter puffer coat and grab The Wrap. Tied in front, tied in back, this 64″ X19″ slate wrap is a scarf today. Nice thing about it is I can wear it any way I want. It’s versatile (tied babushka, tucked sarong, looped scarf, draped shawl); I know because I tried them all. It is fantastic as a cold air shield.

I look for The Gloves then remember I left them in the glove compartment of my car yesterday when I went for a drive. They fit well, are comfortable as driving gloves, and are light weight so they don’t interfere with my using a cell phone. These brown with leopard ones I take everywhere, go perfectly with yesterday’s furry vest and my gator bag.

Chilly Jilly Lightweight Women's Accessories

What more could I wish? Maybe with Chilly Jilly’s 74″ X 23″ Oversize Elite Wrap, The 37″ X 60″ Wrapper Blanket, and The Lounge Pant I could get use my weekend case and not over pack. Coordinating outfits is tricky where the climate changes, it rains a lot, and days are warm but nights nippy.

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How many times have you thought about bringing a sweater or jacket but it was too big to carry?


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  1. I totally carry a sweater with me, usually even in the summer in the car because I tend to get chilly.

  2. My mom is notorious for carrying a sweater with her at all times. Summertime at the beach is warm in the day, but cold once the sun goes down. One of these sweaters would be perfect for her.

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