REVIEW AND GIVEAWAY – Rubbermaid Bento Storage Containers

Are you organized? I am very organized at work, and on the computer. But around the house where I don’t have a lot of room? Not so much. I don’t have enough dedicated storage space in the house so things end up sitting right out in the open. Yuck! Recently I learned about a new storage solution – Rubbermaid Bento Storage Containers.

Rubbermaid Bento Boxes review


Typical storage boxes contain your items, but the inside becomes cluttered – making it difficult to find what you need. Rubbermaid’s Bento collection is designed to organize items, rather than just store them. The Bento Boxes have internal flex dividers, which enable you to divide the space by creating unique sections when needed. Boxes can stack vertically, or fit inside each other. Bento Toppers can act as trays, covers or lids, providing an extra layer of organization for the Bento Boxes, or hiding what’s inside. The Bento Collection is made from sturdy materials, and the heavy-duty decorative fabric enables it to remain out in your social spaces while complementing your home’s décor.


I received a set of Rubbermaid Bento Boxes and Bento Toppers. We don’t really have any storage space to speak of in our house – no attic and no garage. Truth be told our house isn’t big enough for our liking but it’s what we can afford and we have very patient landlords. And I’m very attached to the house. So. We do the best we can. Unfortunately, sometimes things tend to pile up in places we don’t want them to. For instance, if I’m in a hurry I’ll sometimes set things on the rocking chair since it’s rare for someone to sit there. This is what happens.

Rubbermaid Bento Box review

If I need something from that pile I have to take the pile apart piece by piece. And it just looks nasty. The Rubbermaid Bento Boxex and Toppers are great because they look nice and they you organize and hide your stuff. The inside of the boxes have built in Flex Dividers that can create a space within a space. To use them you just pull them open, to close them just push them back. The boxes lids, called Toppers, can be used in one of two ways. They can be used like a traditional lid to cover the container, or they can be used as a tray to hold things while covering the inside of the container. If you have a several of these containers, the smaller boxes fit inside the larger box, which is very helpful if being given as a gift or being stored until use.

This is everything I received – S, M, L and XL Bento Storage Containers and lids. It all came inside the XL container.

Rubbermaid Bento Box review

Here’s a look inside the XL container. You can see the Flex Divider here in the left corner of the L container, it looks sort of like a pocket.

Rubbermaid Bento Box review

For years we’ve stored things in clear plastic containers. I like that the Bento Storage Containers are more attractive and will fit nicely into the decor. The Boxes and Toppers are covered with polyester and are available in several different colors and patterns. To clean them you just wipe them off with a damp cloth. The containers are perfect for holding all sort of things including DVDs, video games, toys, board games, crafting supplies and office supplies, as well as many other things.

I have a stand near the door that the containers fit perfectly on. This looks so much better then the overflowing chair did, don’t you think.

Rubbermaid Bento Box review

Rubbermaid has given me some tips that I’d like to share with you.

Tips for creating Organized Active Storage

Active Storage [ak-tiv stohr-ij] noun – a designated place for items used on a daily basis and accessed frequently

Creating Organized Active Storage that works for you:

Everyone uses active storage, in fact, I bet you have some sort of active storage in your home that is working for you! However, active storage items can also cause constant frustration if not stored correctly because we do use them so frequently and they are often stored in spaces where everyone can see them. So, here is some advice to getting your active storage organized and under control to make your everyday life a little easier!

#1. Determine where you need work.

To do this, simply ask yourself these simple questions: What am I constantly looking for everyday (is it your keys, your son’s water bottle)? What has a place to go but I never put it there (is it your hair brush, your remote control)? What items are cluttering up flat services in your home (is it mail on your counter top or shoes by your front door)? The answers to your questions will help you determine what you need to find a new organizational solution for.

#2. Take a step back and explain why it is not working.

You might have to do some investigative work here. For example, you find that you always leave your hair brush on you bed in the morning. You have a place for it to go in your bathroom but your headbands that you wear are in your closet so you take you brush into your bedroom to use it. Active storage should always be where you actually use the item. Or let’s say your kitchen counter-top is continually piled with junk mail and magazines. Be realistic with yourself and the time you have. You probably do not have time to read 5 magazine subscriptions each month but you do have time to read two. So unsubscribe to all but your two favorite. And finally, those keys you are always losing. Do you actually know where you should be putting them? If things do not have a designated home or a place to go once you are not using them, they will get lost.

#3. Be creative and design a solution. Then force yourself to follow through and put things away for 30 days (that’s how long it takes to make something a habit).

Here are some tips to keep in mind: Make them easy to get to. If you have to walk into another room and open two drawers to get to it, you will not put it away. Make sure your things have a DESIGNATED home. Not, oh my keys go somewhere on my table but instead – my keys go in the left corner of the Bento Box on my table. Let everyone in your household know where the designated homes are for these items.


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