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Are you prepared for your child to go back to school? Or just to school, if this is their first year? One of the things that kids enjoy about school is recess. Who doesn’t enjoy some time to unwind and have fun, after all? My son plays outside at school regularly, particularly during the summer portion of his extended school year. Over the past few years he’s become sensitive to the sun. Or perhaps it’s the heat, we can’t exactly tell which. All we do know for sure is that when he’s outside on a hot and sunny day he turns pale and breaks out in a crazy, splotchy rash. It’s scary to see. So we’re careful to watch how much time he spends out there. And when he is out there we always try to make sure he has sunscreen on. Now apparently recently some schools have forbidden children to have sunscreen at school without a doctor’s note. Are you kidding me? My Mom is a skin cancer survivor and I know the importance of sunscreen. I didn’t know that schools had a sunscreen rule. I applaud my son’s school for sending a note home at the beginning of the summer session requesting me to send in any sunscreen products I wanted, as well as a hat. I don’t see the point of a school forbidding sunscreen in school without a doctor’s note. After all, most of the sunscreens are over the counter. You can put sunscreen on in the morning but it does wear off and needs to be reapplied, so it isn’t as simple as putting it on at home before school. So now parents are expected to take their child to the pediatrician so they can get a note saying that sunscreen is advisable when you’re in the sun. I think this is ridiculous. That will cost parents more money and cause a rise in needless insurance claims at the doctors, which will cause insurance to go up. I understand wanting a doctor’s note for prescriptions, but not for sunscreen. Sunscreen should be able to be applied in school. It could be incorporated right into class, schools teach kids about health, including sex, so why not skin cancer prevention?!

Extended school year just ended for my son, but that doesn’t mean his time in the sun is over. He’s got a little time before school starts. And even after he’s back to school there’s still plenty of daylight left when he can play after he gets home in the afternoon. And there’s weekends too. And any sports, whether it be playing or watching. And don’t forget winter vacation, if you’ve planned travel. You get what I’m saying. Sunscreen isn’t just for summer.

Coppertone offers a wide variety of sunscreens, something appropriate for everyone. I received a beach bag (with beach mat) that contained a couple of different sunscreens, enough to protect a typical family. We’ve use Coppertone many times over the years and I know it is a brand that works.Coppertone Summer Prize Pack

  • For active adults, Coppertone Sport Pro Series 50+ sunscreens stay on strong and move with the skin in hot and humid weather as well as during intense exercise.
  • For active kids, Coppertone Wet ‘n Clear Kids SPF 45+ simplifies reapplication. There’s no need to towel them off before reapplying and it sprays on clear.
  • For the little ones, Coppertone Water Babies Pure & Simple Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50 is a hypoallergenic, oil and fragrance free lotion made specifically for babies’ delicate skin.

Coppertone Summer

Here are some back to school tips from Coppertone. Be sure to grab this coupon to save on sun protection for the whole family as you prepare for Labor Day and the upcoming school year!

Tour the school. Help your child feel more comfortable in a new setting by scheduling a school tour. Point out the location of essentials such as the bathroom, cafeteria, nurse’s office, classroom and locker along the way.

Plan safe travel. Make sure your child knows the route to and from school. Drive the bus route or walk with your child to school as practice, highlighting landmarks to help familiarize them with the way. Find school buddies they can walk with each day.

Start a new routine early. Back-to-school transitions can be rough, especially after the dog days of summer, but starting new wakeup and bedtime patterns before the season ends can help ease your child into a different routine.

Pack light. Your kids may want to show off all their new supplies on the first day, but make sure they are not carrying too much weight. Backpacks should weigh no more than 10 to 20 percent of your child’s body weight.

Stay safe in the sun. Make sure to check your school’s policy on sunscreen in advance. Regardless of policies, you can still keep your little students protected. Encourage your child to seek shade during peak hours and cover up with sun protective clothing, a hat and sunglasses during recess. For suncare tips for families from Dr. Elizabeth Hale, expert dermatologist, mom of three and consultant to Coppertone, please click here.


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  1. I don’t send suncreen to school. If they are doing a field day or outdoor activities, I make sure they are sunscreened before they go to school.

  2. We are not allowed to send sunscreen. However, I do put some on her before she goes to school!

  3. I don’t send sunscreen with my kids to school. I never actually thought to.
    cozycreations07 at aol dot com

  4. My son is 25 now and no I didn’t when he was in school except for field trips. Thank you!

  5. We spray her before she goes into school, but no, we don’t send her in with any. She’s only 5 and I just know we would go through WAY too much if I sent it in with her – everyone else would use it, too 🙂

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