Return To The Doghouse And JC Penney Giveaway

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jcpenney doghouse

It was a year ago now that I first learned about a funny video called The Doghouse. It was about men and the poor choices some of them make about the gifts they give the women in their lives. Well, JC Penney has come out with the second in the series – Return To The Doghouse, and an interactive website to go with it.

This year’s video focuses more on the review board and trial. Check it out!

The Return To The Doghouse  site also allows users to build a case against their bad gift-giver filled with written statements and imported photos, videos and witness testimony as evidence of the bad gift-giving. In short, you can put your guy into the dog house. Come on, you know you want to put your other half in there for something. Go ahead! If you missed the first video, be sure to click on life inside and you can watch it.


ONE winner will receive a $100.00 JC Penney gift card.


To enter check out the Return To The Doghouse site and then leave a comment on this post telling me one item your other half could give you to consider letting him out of the dog house.


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Leave an additional comment for each entry you qualify for. You must have completed the first entry according to the instructions to be eligible for any bonus entries.


US addresses only please. This contest will end on Sunday 12/20/09 at 11:59 pm est. If you’ve entered any of my giveaways before then you know that only comments containing all of the requested information will be eligible for entry. The winner must contact me to confirm they wish to receive the prize within two days of my email notifying them they’ve won. Good luck to everyone!

This giveaway has not been monetarily compensated in any way. The gift card is being provided by JC Penney.


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  1. 240

    Michelle Small says

    This might work – Everlon™ Diamond Knot Earrings 1/3 CT. T.W. I like the style. Thank you

  2. 244

    Linda Fathel says

    To get out of the doghouse he could return the maternity shirt he bought me…when I’m NOT pregnant!

  3. 254

    Jessica H. says

    I am a friend on facebook. Screen name: Jessica Hendrickson

    girlygirlugh at gmail dot com

  4. 255

    Jessica H. says

    I follow you on twitter and my screen name is: girlygirlugh

    girlygirlugh at gmail dot com

  5. 257

    Jessica H. says

    OMG that video had me laughing so hard! Too funny! And even better are the case reviews on the website. Did you see how much detail they put into the ones submitted? I love it! LOL

    Ok, sorry, onto the giveaway.

    To get out of the doghouse, my husband could give me a clean house! Or fix any of the 100 broken things he has promised to fix! If it has to be a monetary item, I would settle for a steam mop. I want one so bad! Not very romantic I know, but very practical! But of course, he would have to clean with it to fully get out of the doghouse. lol

    Thank you for the chance to win!

    girlygirlugh at gmail dot com

  6. 268

    Sarah says

    There’s a laptop on my Christmas list. It’s ambitious of me to ask, but he comes through I won’t be able to put him in the dog house for months!!

  7. 273

    Cheryl Bradley says

    hubby could get me a Black Hills Gold Diamond Accent Rose Ring (or any gold or diamond jewelry, I’m not picky!)

  8. 278

    Kimberly B. says

    The 18K/Sterling Silver Diamond 1/8 CT. T.W. Bracelet would do the trick.

  9. 294


    i think i might consider it if he got me the Everlon™ Diamond Knot Pendant! of course we have absolutely no money right now so it might be worse if he did buy it!

  10. 295


    My husband always gets the perfect gift so he’s never been in the doghouse. I’d say whatever he’s planning will keep him out! :-)

  11. 300


    Even though we don’t give each other gifts, I’d be thrilled if he ever gave me the Sterling Silver Garnet Band.

  12. 311


    Well, my dog never bought me a for real engagement ring, but I wouldn’t want him to buy it because I told him so I want him to buy it because he wanted too.

  13. 316

    Aimee W. says

    I would love to receive the Enhanced Diamond Pendant 3/8 CT.T.W. That would certainly get him out of the doghouse!! Thanks!

  14. 319


    Too funny! LOL! DENIED!! My husband is already giving me the gift I asked for, it’s a blender/food processor combo! He will definitely stay out of the doghouse! Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. 320


    My “dog” could get me DAZZLING DEAL! Created Blue & White Sapphire Set

    It would buy him a few days on the couch instead! LOL!

  16. 323

    Kimberly says

    We don’t give each other Christmas gifts and he’s rarely in the dog house, but we did just buy a new home so I’d love to have a new sofa.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  17. 325

    Carol W. says

    The Cultured Freshwater Pearl and Smoky Quartz Earrings might get him out of the doghouse!

  18. 331


    I gave up on Jim getting me any gifts ,its a lost cause but its ok because he treats me good and thats what is important. I would love the Bulova® Women’s Black Diamond-Accent Watch,maybe Santa will be good to me

  19. 345


    Hmm, a new 64GB iPod Touch would certainly be a nice gift to receive!

    BethsBookReviewBlog AT gmail DOT com

  20. 354

    laura greenough says

    My husband could give me a diamond pendant.That would definitely get him out!

  21. 363

    Deb Anderson says

    Well… I do like the Peugeot Women’s Goldtone Crystal Cuff Watch. If he got me that, I might reconsider… :)

  22. 374


    My other half is no longer with us as he passed away from Kidney Cancer. He managed to get in the dog house a few times. Like the year he bought me a Cleveland Indians Door mat.. that’s right Door mat. I may purchase the Ruby & Diamond Accent Heart Pendant Sterling Silver necklace. I really like it.. has birthstone and mine.
    Thanks for the chance
    itsjustmerene2003 at yahoo dot com
    By the way the silly door mat.. still have it and cherish it.
    Happy HOlidays!

  23. 380


    A nice dinner out would be fine with me! Of course, the
    Everlon™ Diamond Knot Pendant 1/6 CT. T.W. 14K wouldn’t hurt, either! :)


  24. 391


    We don’t usually get each other gifts, so anything would be great. Top of the list? A new camera! I’d forgive almost anything for that.

  25. 402

    Rebecca O says

    A KitchenAid Stand Mixer would really for sure get him out of the doghouse!

  26. 411

    Eileen says

    I subscribe by email and love to see “you” in my inbox!

    ejrichter60 at gmail dot com

  27. 412

    Eileen says

    THe Diamond JOurney necklace would be amazing! My husband always waits til teh last minute and ends up giving me cash that always gets spent elsewhere. OR he tried a few times to buy me clothing…the kind his MOTHER would wear! THE last jewelry he bought me was over 10 years ago and was a beautiful set of hoop channel set baby diamonds that I had to SHOW him in an ad, TELL the kids to remind him, and then hint and hint about. My daughter sadly bent one of them and I cant wear them anymore.
    I DID try to sign him up for the doghouse but coulnt get it to go through. He is a sweet giftgiver compared to my ex…HE gave me a stepladder while I was 8 months pregnant in order to wash the outside windows. Wonder why we got divorced.!!!!

    ejrichter60 at gmail dot com

  28. 418

    Amanda says

    I’d love the Diamond Bracelet 1/2 CT. T.W. 10K! A definite way out of the dog house.
    oheeyore at hotmail dot com

  29. 424


  30. 425


  31. 427


    He could give me anything super romantic like jewelry or taking me out to eat and i would be in heaven :)

  32. 431


  33. 436


    This is a tough one… seriously! I feel like anything can and will be used against me. — LOL! I’d be happy if he could surprise me with a gift like he did one time. One time he bought me a pair of ruby earrings, and I know they cost him much more than I thought he’d ever spend on one thing for me… unless of course, he were to get me a dual-bag vacuum. :) So, to get out of the doghouse, he’d need to get jewelry… the earrings were awesome!
    roseinthemorning [at] gmail [dot] com

  34. 442

    Barbara M says

    OK this would do it for me – Aquamarine & White Topaz Ring.
    You get out of the doghouse!

  35. 445

    CMC says

    Cheesecake heals all wounds – a gift card to The Cheesecake Factory would work for me.

  36. 447

    cheryl c. says

    My husband would get out of the doghouse if he just bought me anything for Christmas! I always have to buy and wrap my own gift.

    castings at mindspring dot com

  37. 455

    Jackie says

    I’d love it if my husband gave me a gift certificate to go out dinner. Not any place expensive or fancy. Just a night I wouldnt have to cook and we could get out together. Thanks!

  38. 461

    Jo says

  39. 466


    I know I have no sense of humor. but the video did remind me that I want the Igloo returned since you are not using it any longer.

  40. 467


    the Created Opal & Blue Topaz Pendant would be nice but honestly my husband has never really been in the doghouse..yet anyway