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For those of you following the saga of my computer repair, I now finally have a working hard drive in there. Dad’s just got to come over (hopefully tomorrow) and take the old drive out and out the case back together. Things do seem to be running noticeably faster. I’m having to reinstall some programs and have had some minor problems with a couple of them but overall I’m mostly just relieved that all of my data made it to the new drive safely.

We have a ton of pictures on the computer. Right before the drive switch I’d also moved older pictures off of my old computer onto this one. The first thing I did once this computer booted up was put my desktop back to the way it was and then reconfigure the slideshow. Me and RB love to sit and watch the pictures go by and remember when. It’s good to laugh and talk over old times. What I like most about times like those are that we can put our current financial problems and whatnot aside.

It’s when people come over and we want to show them certain pictures that I think I’m the only one that doesn’t have a digital picture frame, something I’ve wanted for some time. While browsing through the Buy.com sale page I found an item I simply must have.

The Aluratek 10.5 inch digital photo frame is actually being called a digital lifestyle device. It comes with a remote control. It can display pictures like you’d expect but it can also operate in movie mode and play sound through the built in speakers. Pass me the MP3s please! This frame has 256mb of built in memory and supports most memory card formats including CF, MS, SD, MMC and XD. It also recognizes most file formats including JPEG, MJPG, AVI, and MP3. It’s on sale for $79.99 and I can’t stop drooling over it. Anybody have a bib?

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