Pick Your Poison – Pills Or Candy

Choose Your Poison

We had to make a trip to the pediatrician’s office this week for TJ. His girlfriend came with us. Upon exiting the office she noticed a poster with pictures of candy. She called our attention to the poster, noting it had some yummy candy. I looked at the poster and the poster had a section showing how much some drugs and poisons look like candy. I didn’t give it a lot of thought at that moment and scooted the kids out the door, in a hurry to get home. Fast forward two days, when I received an email from California Poison Control (www.calpoison.org).

The email mentioned that this past week seven middle school students in San Francisco had to be taken to the hospital because they ingested small blue pills they thought were candy. The pills turned out to be rat poison. The email continued to remind that pills and candy can be easy to confuse. Also liquids like pine cleaner and apple juice. The email mentioned some games, Pills Vs Candy and the Pills Vs Candy Memory Game,  that help demonstrate the point. Curious, I checked out the games. In many of the pictures the differences were super slim. I scored only av 73% in Pills Vs Candy. Now I’m old (44) and I’ve seen some stuff. I expected to do better. If I can’t tell, how can I be sure that my child can tell?

I encourage you to take a few minutes and play the games yourself and you’ll see what I mean. If you scored lower than you’d hope or like, be sure to play with your kids as well. We have to do whatever we can to keep them educated, for their own health and safety.

If you played the games, tell me. How did you do?


For more free weekly safety tips to cell phones, text the word TIPS or PUNTOS for Spanish to 69866. If you think you may have ingested poison, stay calm and call California Poison Control System at 1-800-222-1222. Trained certified pharmacists, nurses and poison information providers to help 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The service is free, confidential and interpreters are always available. Become a fan on Facebook at California Poison Control System and follow on Twitter .

I have not been compensated for sharing this article from the California Poison Control system. I think this information is valuable information and wanted to share it with my readers.
Knowledge is an important tool, especially when dealing with drug abuse and addiction.

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  1. No one should take aand drink and/or eat anything that they do not know came from a tamperproof box or someone impeccable like mom or dad. Tylenol proved that decades ago–hence better packaging.

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