Our Parking Problem

Cars Out Front

Most of us don’t have long, sweeping driveways that can hold lots of parked vehicles. In my own neighborhood the typical driveway comfortably fits two cars on average. So what happens when you have more than two cars, like we do? You park in the street. I never thought of parking in the street as a big deal. Until I had more than two cars, that is. Now that we have three cars, we find ourselves with a parking shortage. We could really use some car parking storage.

The picture above is what you would see if you walked out my front door right now, today. You see four vehicles there, there are actually five out there right now. And a trailer. Three of the vehicles are ours, along with the trailer. The nice looking Kia in the driveway is a car that I’m reviewing, so that isn’t usually there. The other car in the driveway is a car that used to be driven my brother. When the car stopped working he left it in someone’s yard. He didn’t bother to empty it out or prepare it for typical new jersey storage. We had to get it out of there before they had it towed away, so we had it brought it here. I didn’t think it would be a good idea to leave it in the street so it’s temporarily in my driveway. That meant our vehicles wind up parked in the street. We don’t really care about it but apparently our neighbor does. He backs his vehicle up to my truck so that we can’t park any further up on the street than our own house. Anther six feet would help us a lot, but we can’t get it. So we have to juggle vehicles every day. I don’t really care when people park in front of my house as long as they aren’t blocking the mailbox. He’s been out there and seen us unable to park and he just stands there looking. I don’t get it. Do many people park in the street in your neighborhood? Do you care if a car is parked in front of your house?

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  1. We have a small driveway and constantly trading out and rearranging cars because we don’t have room to put them side by side. It is horrible, especially in the mornings when our neighbors and everyone is scrambling to get to school or work.

  2. Because our town allows no parking in the front yard on the grass and has an average 25 foot setback, minimal parking can fit in an average paved driveway. So the streets it must be until a state oof emergency exists, Point of fact and food for thought–no one can legally block a real driveway not even the owner. Check into your neighbor’s parking habits.

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