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When I wanted to make money as a teen I got a newspaper route. I made enough money to send myself on a trip to England while in high school. After getting my drivers license I became what was known as a distribution counselor, dropping off the newspapers to the carriers. I also maintained my own route at that time. After a couple of years, the newspaper decided that it wanted to get rid of youth carriers and moved to all adult carriers. Their claim was that adult carriers could get newspapers delivered earlier than children and that customers would be happier. I had to let go almost 18 kids and hire adults to do the routes. The papers didn’t get out much earlier. The customers didn’t seem much happier. And kids in my area no longer had a good way to learn responsibility and earn an income.

Fast-forward 20 years and I now have a 16-year-old of my own who wants to make a living. He does not drive yet. He wants to earn some money so he can afford to do fun things, because he knows that money does not grow on trees. (Or at least he should know due to the number of times I’ve told him.) So now he asks for what I would have to call instant loans. He asks to borrow money and promises to pay it back, but has no way to earn the money to pay it back. I appreciate that he has the idea to pay the money back. But what he doesn’t have is a job to earn the money to pay them back. Right now I promised him he can help out occasionally and do some things around here to earn a little money, such as some of the “summer clean-up” type of yard work. I’ve also suggested talking to people in the neighborhood to see if there are small things he can do for them to earn money such as mowing the lawn. I’m curious. I don’t know if other areas of the country did the same with newspaper routes and no longer hire kids. Who delivers your newspaper? And how do your teenagers or teenagers in your area earn money?

Point of interest. As a teen I worked hard to make sure my newspaper customers got their paper safely and were happy. because happy customers equaled nice tips. The adults now don’t seem to care. They drive by and throw the paper out of the car an don’t care where it lands. They won’t get out of their car at all. When I got the paper I found it under the car, in puddles, and in the street. I stopped tipping at all. then I just stopped getting the newspaper delivered and now pick it up at the store when I want it.

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  1. Paper service here declined sharply with the cuttiing of kids and making of adult driving rooutes. Those who deliver neglect to porch papers, put them in delivery tubes, etc. Instead they seem to aium t=for the road, under the car, or in a puddle. Call customer service and get sorry but the sutuation never is satisfied. No wonder actual hard paper sales are ibn the decline. Now customers are given a choice for home delivery pay twice as much weekly or go plastic–with no pay in advance options offered.

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