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Do you have a favorite holiday memory? I do. It’s Christmas 2006. Not Christmas Day exactly, but rather, Christmas season. A couple of weeks before Christmas we went on a vacation to Walt Disney world and a 3-day Disney cruise. I can honestly say that that trip gave me some of the best memories ever. Just yesterday I was looking through some older pictures and came across the folder of pictures from that trip. I still smile and laugh when I see those pictures now, just as much as I did back in 2006.

What made that trip special is that my entire family was on the trip. Yep, the WHOLE family. Me, hubby and our boys, joined by my parents, my brother LB2 and his wife and daughter, and my brothers LB2 and LB3. We enjoyed the parks tremendously, as always. We had an absolutely amazing and unforgettable time on the cruise, our first and only cruise to date.I have about 50 shots from one early morning, I was doing my best to get a good picture of the sun rising off the side of the boat. We have photos from the ceremony in the Bahamas where RB and I renewed our wedding vows in celebration of twenty years of marriage. We have photos from meals, where it was acceptable to wear pirate hates at the table. I have photos of my oldest son graduating from the kids club, a place he wasn’t crazy about going on the first day and later didn’t want to leave. We have pictures with the characters. The way my son lights up when he sees Mickey is priceless. I have a picture of my Dad mooning us. Yes, we’re crazy that way. I have a photo where you can see all of the men I love the most piled into one bed. Take a look.

Disney Cruise 2006

From left to right that’s my Dad, my brother LB2, my youngest son, my husband and my oldest son. I love that picture. When I look at it I can envision that moment like it was yesterday.  Combined my family took almost 2,000 pictures from that trip. And when I look through them, I find myself wishing there were more. Photos are such a great way to help preserve and share memories. Unfortunately, time isn’t very kind to photos. You can do your best to preserve photos and make them last quite a while. But what is probably the most effective way to preserve your photos is to move them. Move them to DVD. And if you’ve got old VHS the same thing applies. We don’t even have a working VCR anymore, so I can’t watch my wedding video. I could if I had it converted to DVD or Blu-ray though.

YesVideo is a company hat’s been around for years. They do one thing – help preserve your memories. They transfer media to DVDs. By that I mean that they can scan video, VHS, film, slides and photos all to DVD. They can also convert HD video to Blu-ray! Customers can either mail their media directly to YesVideo or drop it off at four major retailers. You can drop off the media that you want transferred at a location in your area, including the Walmart photo counter. Yes, there’s YesVideo at Walmart. (To receive DVDs back by Christmas, customers must have dropped media off at Walmart no later than December 3rd.) Not only do they transfer media, they can even repair some things. Just think. Not only can you revive some of your old memories, but maybe there are some even older memories in your family that everyone would enjoy. I know my parents have not only photos and VHS, but also slides. I don’t know if my Mom has any old photos from my Grandparents but if she did I’d love to see those. Transferring everything to DVD would enable us to enjoy it and pass it on to future generations so they could enjoy their history. YesVideo would make for a great gift, don’t you think?!

What’s your favorite holiday memory?

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  1. Your post reminds me that I need to have my wedding video converted from VHS to DVD. We still have a VHS player, but it’s a pain to get it out, plug it in, in order to watch the video. Such a great wedding video too…we got married at Sandals Royal Bahamian and they put the pictures to Caribbean music.

    My favorite holiday memory is not of Christmas, but of New Year’s Eve and it was actually this New Year’s Eve. My husband, son (5), daughter (2) and I were suppose to go to a New Year’s Eve party, but it got cancelled. I was bummed, but thought, oh well let’s try to have a fun family night. I made my hubby’s favorite food for dinner and then we watched Brave (the movie Santa brought my daughter) and made popcorn and cupcakes. It was such a great night! I was so happy that night, just being with my family. My favorite part of the night was when my daughter got up and hugged my son and said, “Hoppy New Year.” Awe

  2. My favorite holiday memory is my first white Christmas back in 2004. It was very beautiful 🙂

  3. Wow sounds like you had a really nice time!! My favorite Christmas memory was similar, it involves Disneyland. My whole family went after Christmas, it was a gift my parents gave to all their Grandchildren. It was cold and rainy, but the lines were shorter than normal and the kids had a blast!!

    1. Disney at the holidays is amazing. That’s the time of year we went on that trip. We were fortunate to be able to go, the trip was a gift from my parents. I will never forget it.

  4. That picture is wonderful, it says “fun!”. I have so many wonderful christmas memories, it would be hard to pick just one. Every year on Christmas Eve with all of my extended family at my grandparents, traditional Swedish food and christmas carols with my musical family in that tiny living room…every year was wonderful. Probably why Christmas is my favorite time of year!

  5. When my grandfather was alive he would always ask me to make this special dish and his eyes would just lite up during dinner, i miss him so much!!

    1. Not quite the same but my Grandma, she used to make these potato balls. Well, most people call them a type of dumpling. Anyway she’d make them from scratch on Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter. They were amazing! I miss her, and her potato balls too.

  6. I’ve always wanted to go to Disney World or Disneyland, either one! My son gets to go to Disney World with his high school band and I’m super jealous! These are great memories 🙂

    1. I’ve been to Walt Disney World a few times and love it. It’s beautiful at Christmas time, with all the lights and decorations!

  7. Going cross country skiing with my kids on christmas day, it was years ago.

  8. Indeed, you need to preserve those photos to enjoy later. This sounds like a great program to take advantage of. Thanks.

  9. Great memory! Mine is my son’s first Xmas & just being able to experience Xmas as a new mommy with my little Xmas angel 🙂

  10. Wow. I really like the soud of this! I hope it’s not super expensive, but I’m going to check into it next time I’m aT Walmart! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  11. I have always wanted to go on a Disney cruise. Your post makes me want it even more!

  12. Mine is meeting our father for the first time when I was eight, he brought my twin sister and I a Raggedy Ann and Andy Doll. Still have them tucked away.

  13. Aww, what a sweet memory! I have so many holiday memories – my mom’s mince pies, turkey dinner with my parents, running out of flour on Christmas eve while making cookies and running to a gas station to get flour. The employees chuckled at my predicament with everything being shut; on my way out of town, I dropped some of the cookies off for them since they were stuck there on the holiday. The cookies were, um, a little overdone but I think everyone appreciated the thought, LOL!

  14. Must tell you that now grown Little Man told me he would love another family trip to WDW with everyone–now a greater number as the family has expanded by several now.

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