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I frequently receive email from companies asking me to share news or discounts with my readers. Each week I’ll gather the best requests and share them with you here.

Philadelphia Zoo’s Wildlife Warriors Summer Camp

For parents hoping to keep their kids active and involved during summer vacation, the coming months are crucial in deciding on a program that best fits their children’s unique interests.

The Philadelphia Zoo’s “Wildlife Warriors Summer Camp” offers an experience that is both fun and educational for kids ages 4-13. The week-long camp works to foster the next generation of wildlife stewards through animal encounters, interactive activities and conservation education – teaching kids how their choices impact wildlife here, and around the globe. This year’s program will be housed in the new children’s zoo exhibit, KidZooU: Hamilton Family Children’s Zoo & Faris Family Education Center, which will open on April 13. Highlights include:

· Interactive animal experiences and opportunities to prepare diets for chickens, goats and butterflies, groom the mini-horses, and investigate the world of ants and insects.

· Each camper will have at least two special animal encounters, which are more personalized sessions assisting keepers.

· Daily animal time, crafts, games and hiking around the zoo to get behind the scenes insight from those who know it best.

Visit http://www.philadelphiazoo.org for more info.

Disney Publishing Apps – March Madness sale!

From now until March 4, some of the most popular Disney Publishing apps for iOS are on sale for $1.99! The March Madness sale apps include:

Toy Story 2 Read-Along for $1.99 (orig. $4.99)

In this action-packed adventure, Woody learns all about his past and makes new friends that are sure to last a lifetime. Delightful animations and surprise features fill each page, and children can even record their own voice and listen to themselves narrating this lovable tale.

Toy Story 3 Read-Along for $1.99 (orig. $5.99)

This cinematic, interactive storybook app features characters from Toy Story 3. Children can play exciting games based on scenes from the film. Kids can watch Woody soar above the town, help him to safety in “Hang Glider,” and have a blast with Buzz as they overcome thrilling obstacles in “Falling with Style” – also in 3D.

it’s a small world for $1.99 (orig. $3.99)

This animated app takes readers on a world-class adventure packed with whimsical interactivity, beautiful artwork, and unforgettable music. Featuring the original Sherman Brothers’ song lyrics, this simple, poetic story encourages kids to meet new people, explore new places, and discover that it’s a small world, after all.

Dove Ad Makeover Launches in the US on International Women’s Day 3/8

To celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8, 2013, Dove is launching its successful Ad Makeover campaign here in the US taking on advertising that can negatively impact self-esteem. The Dove® Ad Makeover, live on March 8th, passes the power of advertising to women, by empowering them to send positive messages to other women through a Facebook app, found at www.facebook.com/dove. This app has the potential to, once again, reach millions of females with positive messages and give women the unique chance to spread positive advertising across the U.S.

How it works:

The Dove Ad Makeover gives women the power to take on potentially negative ads with messages that help women feel beautiful. Dove is using auction-style bidding systems used to purchase ads to increase the number of positive messages women see. Women can select from one of eight positive beauty messages to appear in available ad space on Facebook. These words to live by such as, “Your birthday suit suits you” and “Everybody is beautiful”, are just some of the positive beauty messages women will receive.

How to participate:

Women can visit Facebook.com/Dove to access the Dove Ad Makeover app and send a positive ad. They can also tweet @Dove using the hash tag #admakeover to show support for the campaign, which will kick-off on International Women’s Day, 3/8/13.

A counter on the app will track the total number of women who receive positive beauty messages. Dove will cover the cost to help spread all positive beauty messages created. Additionally, the app allows for:

A notification that an ad story has been published to be posted to participant’s timeline
Participant to choose keywords that describe other women who should see the ad story; message is published throughout women’s Facebook experience
Participant can opt to send app to friend(s) timeline

Toyota Unveils New Donations to Aid in Hurricane Sandy Recovery Efforts

“Toyota Helps” Fleet of Vehicles to Support Work of Volunteers in Bay Head, N.J., Other Areas

Vehicle Donation Builds on $1 million Contribution Previously Made by the Company

BAY HEAD, N.J., March 1, 2013 – Toyota announced today a significant vehicle donation equivalent to more than $100,000 to help aid the areas hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy.

Today, four months from the day the storm made landfall in the Northeast, the company donated the use of 19 Toyota vehicles to the region’s Red Cross to support relief transportation for one full year. Additionally, Toyota is giving a brand-new 4Runner SUV to Saint Paul’s United Methodist Church in Bay Head, N.J., to aid in transportation and local cleanup. These contributions are in addition to a $1 million donation made by the company to support Sandy relief efforts last year, as well as five vehicles donated at that time.

The donations were presented to both organizations today at Saint Paul’s United Methodist Church in Bay Head, N.J.

Commenting on the donation, Steve Haag, assistant general manager for Toyota’s New York region, said, “We understand the ongoing need for Hurricane Sandy relief aid and we want to make sure the community knows they are still being supported four months after the disaster.” On deciding which Sandy fund to donate to, Haag shared that “our search quickly led us to the region’s Red Cross and Saint Paul’s United Methodist Church, specifically Pastor Scott Bostwick. Both organizations are known throughout the region for their dedicated hard work and we want to honor those making an impact rebuilding their community after the devastation of Sandy.”

Scott Bostwick, Pastor of Saint Paul’s United Methodist Church, offered praise for Toyota’s donations, saying, “Studies show that national crisis donations taper off after five months. A donation like this from Toyota not only provides us with great relief aid, but also reassures our community that our needs aren’t going unnoticed or unmet.”

“American Red Cross disaster recovery efforts are ongoing across multiple states affected by Superstorm Sandy, including our efforts here in counties from the northern edge to the southern tip of New Jersey,” said Nancy Orlando, regional CEO, American Red Cross South Jersey Region. “We’re thrilled to have this fleet of Toyota vehicles, a generous donation that will enable the Red Cross to move manpower and resources more efficiently throughout affected regions.”

The Toyota donation unveiling event included remarks from Pastor Scott Bostwick and from Steven G. Crawford, M.D., Chairman of the Board of the American Red Cross Jersey Coast Chapter. Members of the Red Cross also provided details on how and where others can assist in the relief process. Additional remarks were given by Toyota executives.

Ways to Help:

To learn more about the Red Cross’ Sandy relief efforts and find out more about how you can get involved, please visit: http://rdcrss.org/VOKpSS

For more details on the United Methodist Church’s disaster response to Sandy, including how to help or donate, please visit: http://bit.ly/13p1eIg

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