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Jennifer Hudson Teams Up with Pampers For Original Rendition of the Classic Favorite, “Lullaby and Goodnight”

The world-renowned diaper brand Pampers has partnered with Grammy Award-winning recording artist Jennifer Hudson to pay tribute to the revered tradition of the evening time lullaby between mom and baby by recording an original rendition of the bedtime classic “Lullaby and Goodnight.” And starting today, this sweet serenade is available for free download exclusively on the Pampers Lullabies app on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Pampers.

A new mom herself, Hudson shares that there is no better way to show love to her son than through the power of song.She says: “I have lulled my little one to sleep many times with a sweet lullaby – and now, I am so excited to team up with Pampers to create a special version of the most famous lullaby of all time. I hope that other moms and dads will be able to enjoy this song as part of their own night time ritual as they put their baby to sleep.”

At the exclusive Pampers Lullabies launch event last night in NYC, Pampers also made public their plans to donate $100,000 to Jennifer Hudson’s charity, the Julian D. King Gift Foundation to benefit moms, toddler and babies. For more info about the event, Hudson’s involvement and more go to http://bit.ly/M9iQQN.

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