2016 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE – MelodySusie Pro48W Nail Dryer & Gel Nail Polish

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2016 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE - MelodySusie Pro48W Nail Dryer & Gel Nail Polish

GIFT IDEA – MelodySusie Pro48W Nail Dryer & Gel Nail Polish

PRICE Price for Nail Dryer $109.99. Price for set of Gel Nail Polish $25.99.

PURCHASE AND FIND MORE INFO – You can purchase the ProW48 or several other different models on either MelodySusie.com or Amazon.com. You can purchase a set of the Gen Nail Polish on MelodySusie.com.

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I am a nail polish nut. I don’t feel dressed unless my nails are done. However, I’m frugal and therefor don’t often (as in maybe every couple years) spend the money on a professional nail salon. I prefer to do them at home, while watching Netflix. Over the years I have tried countless brands of nail polish, searching for the elusive shiny, pretty, no chip, smudge free, holy grail of nail polish. I might find one with a couple of the attributes but never all of them.

Ironically one of my biggest pet peeves are smudges and since I typically fall asleep shortly after doing my nails, I almost always have them. So when the chance came up to review the MelodySusie Pro48W Nail dryer, I eagerly waved my chipped and smudged hand in the air for a chance.

2016 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE - MelodySusie Pro48W Nail Dryer & Gel Nail Polish

Since I like to research things, I immediately went to my holy bible of retail –Amazon—and started checking out reviews. It turns out the MelodySusie is one of their best customer reviewed nail lamps. The specific one I received is the Pro 48 watt which is basically like bringing home a professional manicurists tools.

I set up a date with my mom so that we could both try it out. It so happens that the Pro 48 nail dryer is amazingly easy to use. You simply plug it in, push one of the three preset timing buttons (15 seconds, 30 seconds or 60 seconds) and you are ready to go. If you are doing a pedicure, you just pop of the bottom plate and do the same thing.

2016 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE - MelodySusie Pro48W Nail Dryer & Gel Nail Polish

I was also provided with the Lux Classics gel nail polish, which is a set of 6 gorgeous fall colors that retail for $25.99. I chose the Sapphire and mom went with the Elegant Magenta. Your dryer is plugged in and waiting for you, your nails are clean and dry, the next step is to apply a thin, even coat of color. As you finish one hand you simply place it in the dryer and the sensor turns it on automatically. I tried 15 seconds but felt my nails weren’t quite done. 30 seconds and they were perfect. Apply a second coat and repeat. If you want a truly deep color you even apply a third coat.

2016 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE - MelodySusie Pro48W Nail Dryer & Gel Nail Polish

2016 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE - MelodySusie Pro48W Nail Dryer & Gel Nail Polish

I have to admit that I was astonished at how dry my nails were. I kept tapping them to see if they would dent or smudge. Not a ding! Two coats of polish and 30 seconds for each coat and my nails were diamond hard and shiny. I’m going to have to purchase a MelodySusie dryer for my mom or I have a feeling mine will disappear from my house after one of her visits.

Here’s a full description of the product.


MelodySusie Violet Series -VIOLETIRA Pro 48W Smart Gel Nail Dryer is built with the newest cutting edge lamp technology. So it can cure both UV and LED gel nail polish efficiently with shorter time. At the same time, it can keep your beautiful manicure strong and lasts up to three weeks. With the preset timer functions, you can choose the time exactly as you need. And the design of automatic sensor is also convenient for you to stop the curing process in any times.

  • Amazon Leading Brand: With Mixed LED UV Light Beads, Pro48W Smart Nail Dryer can cure both UV and LED gel nail polish efficiently.
  • Keep Beautiful Manicure STRONG and QUICK DRYING: It was designed with AUTOMATIC SENSOR and 3 preset time controls (15s, 30s, 60s), feel free to dry your gelled nails quickly but not cause your nails overheat.
  • FASION UNIQUE Design with detachable bottom, it provides you refreshing experience and you can dry your gelled feet nails as well as hand nails.

Package includes:

  • 1 MelodySusie VIOLETIRA Pro 48W Smart Lamp
  • 1 AC/DC Adapter
  • 1 User Manual


  1. I wish I knew how to paint my nails perfectly. I always end up with lumps and missed spots, so I have no option but to have my nails done by a manicurist. I’ve used those nail dryers in the salon and they do work great. I’m letting my friends know about this melody susie nail dryer. They would want to get it for themselves.

  2. Ohh I need this!! It is so expensive to get gel at the salon these days. I might get this for my sister too!

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