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I work best when I’m organized. Sometimes juggling a gazillion things at once can be tough to organize. I work best when I can see everything all in one place and have information I need right at hand. Always looking for a way to improve my system, I accepted the opportunity to review some products from Mayfair Lane.

Mayfair Lane carries all sorts of products to help organize your home, school, office and personal life. Most of the products they carry fall into the Happeez or Pretty Pleez product lines. Happeez products stick to many surfaces without use of a magnet. The adhesive is non-toxic and odor-free and leaves no residue.It can be put on and removed from surfaces without damaging them and can be reusded. Pretty Pleez products are designed to be useful while remaining stylish. Mayfair Lane include clippers, list pads, multi-use bags, notepads, journals, whiteboards, frames and mini frames. They have a wide range of stylish designs with something to fit every taste.

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I received a Happeez Multi-Stripe To Do List Whiteboard and a Happeez a Multi-Stripe To Do List pad.

The Whiteboard is 11.75″ x 9.125″ and comes with a dry erase pen with eraser. The Whiteboard is easy to use. Just peel a layer off of the back, leaving the sticky side exposed. Put the Whiteboard where you want to use it. That’s it. The Dry Erase Pen that comes with it also sticks, so it’s ready when you need it where you need it. The List Pad is 4″ x 8.5″ and includes 50 lightly ruled sheets.  The back of the List Pad contains the same sticky surface.

mayfair lane clipper vs clip

I also received a Happeez Clipper. Let me tell you what’s awesome about the Clipper. Just above you see a picture of two clips – the Happeez Clipper is on the right. I’ve had the clip on the left stuck to my refrigerator door for over a year. For over a year, ever time we open the door the clip would bump the wall and open, releasing all of my papers all over the floor. The Happeez Clipper hasn’t done that. It’s not just a clip that grabs like the other one, This one clicks shut and stays shut. So even when we open the door to the frig the clip stays shut. I love not having everything go all over the floor two to three times a day! Happeez Clippers come in one and three packs.

I can’t praise these products enough. I love my whiteboard and think it will help me stay organized and focused as well as help facilitate family communication. I love to make lists. Folks that write out their grocery list will love it. We’re using it for messages and it also makes a great honey-do list. The Clipper is great because it can hold paperwork that I’d prefer not to have to look for like cafeteria lunch menus, school fundraisers and other stuff. I really like the Multi-Stripe design, it’s colorful.

Mayfair Lane carries lots useful products that are stylish and fun. When you consider that these products can be reused over and over, and that they will stick to things I your home without damaging them, you’ll realize that in the long run the price will save you money as well as save some of trees. Mayfair Lane products are available for purchase online from and from more than 1,200 retailers in the USA and Canada.


One winner will receive a basket with an assortment of journals, frames, notepads, and clips valued at $75.00, courtesy of Mayfair Lane.


To enter visit the Mayfair Lane site and take a look around. Return here and leave a comment on this post naming one design that you like.


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  1. I love the whiteboard in the black and white crisscross. It’s functional and adorable!

  2. I’m young but I love Harry Connick, I also have a toddler so I’m not up on the music scene excited to read about his new CD on your Mom’s blog – I’ll definitely listen on itunes.

  3. I visted your moms blog and commented on her Harry Connick Jr Cd review. I didnt know that he played publicly for the first time at the age of 6. Wow!

  4. I really like the millie stripe multi-purpose bag!! We need a couple more bags for the grocery store to wean us completely off bags from the grocery store and this would be perfect.

  5. My favorite design in the bubble gum pink/marshmallow dots. Thanks for the review and giveaway!

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