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I’ve never moved and had to worry about moving cable television. From what I understand from a number of friends and acquaintances it can be quite a hassle. We moved from one part of a city to another once and had to do it on foot and by hand, we had no car and nobody willing to help. Hopefully moving utilities isn’t half the pain that moving the furniture was… Summertime is the prime time for families to move, as they don’t want the kids to miss school. I can’t imagine moving in this heat and getting to my new house to find there was no television or internet to relax and unwind with.

CableMover is a complimentary service provided by the cable industry to help consumers make the move of their cable tv, internet and phone services from one house to another within the United States a smooth one. Users need to supply some information in an online form and it will start the process of scheduling an appointment for their services to be connected at their new home. The site also offers resources including help changing your address, moving tips, and getting movers quotes – all information to help you make sure that important things don’t fall through the cracks and to help incorporate technology into your new home. There’s even tips and advice on moving from HGTV’s Lisa Laporta and tech jpournalist David Gregg.

Here’s a brief video clip from Lifetime’s The Balancing Act with David sharing some moving tips and information on CableMover.


ONE winner will receive:

  • a $25 eGift Card to Home Depot
  • (2) branded tote bags
  • (2) HGTV books (Curb Appeal and Flower Gardening)


To enter leave a comment here telling me your worst moving memory. If you’ve never moved, tell me a place you wish you could move to if you could move anywhere in the world and why you’d want to move there.

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I will be receiving a gift card in exchange for sharing this information. All information was provided by CableMover.


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  1. My worst moving experience is the movers backing a truck up into one of the pillars on the house. What a nightmare!

  2. Ha! I moved just last October. And moving day came when my husband was working out of state! I moved everything I could by myself, then called in some manly men to move a couple of big pieces of furniture. It was a mess! And I was exhausted for a week!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  3. It’s my worst and my best–when I was pregnant with my daughter I was put on full bedrest due to health issues and we were moving from our college town to the settle down town. My mother in law and grandmother in law had to clean the whole house to make sure we got the deposit back on our apartment. All I could do was watch because everytime I tried to do anything I was reminded of doctor’s orders.

  4. My worst moving memory has to be when I moved into my first house 4 weeks after my first child was born. We quickly discovered that there were mud wasp nests no virtually every window of my new home. 🙁

  5. My worst memory of moving was moving my 5 kids myself and having to give up the house we built almost by hand, having to say goodbye to our family dog…bad divorce situation. ON the way with my last load in an overpacked van, I should not have been driving and was crying all the way to our new place. I got a nasty call from a sheriff’s office saying there had been a squad car behind me for a couple miles and I had not noticed to pull over so they could pass on way to a call. I almost got a ticket on top of all of it for “inattentive” driving. Until he heard my story and he let me off with a warning.

  6. I’d love to move to the Greek islands – beautiful and relaxed with great food and friendly people

  7. I would love to move to Oregon because it is beautiful there.
    littlegray88 at yahoo dot com

  8. My worst moving memory was from when I was a child and wasn’t aware we were moving aka being thrown out and I lost everything I owned

  9. My worst moving memory was moving from my home town of 30 years with only a pick-up & topper full of possessions, we sold or gave away everything else.

  10. worst-some years ago we moved to a new town and bought a house. The van with our furniture did not arrive on time- a couple days late, we slept on blankets on the floor, the kids thought it was neat!

  11. My worst move was when I was 8.5 months pregnant with #2. We moved in the middle of the summer to the desert! Need I say more.

  12. worst move was to the home we live in now. It was the 4th of July weekend, temps in high 90’s, 4 kids under the age of 7.. everyone was crabby, it was not very pretty at all that holiday.

  13. When we made our first move as a kid after my parents divorced, that was the worst. I was moving from the house I had been known since birth to a small apartment.

  14. I don’t always mark container/boxes causing a real problem. Thankfully I haven’t needed to move for a while.

  15. The first time we moved abroad, with no experience of what and how to pack for shipping, it was totally a nightmare.

  16. The first time hubby and I moved, I was pregnant and he was always working. I had to do it all myself and was so miserable! It was definitely the worst move we’ve had.

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