DVD REVIEW – Long Way North

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DVD REVIEW - Long Way North

Long Way North

  • DVD Release Date: January 17, 2017
  • Rated: PG
  • Run Time: 81 minutes
  • Number of Discs: 2
  • Genre: Animated. Adventure
  • Studio: Shout Kids
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Official Synopsis

Long Way North is set in late-19th century Saint Petersburg. Sacha, a young girl from the Russian aristocracy, has always been fascinated by the exciting life of her grandfather, Oloukine, a renowned scientist and Arctic explorer who has yet to return from his latest expedition to conquer the North Pole. But Sacha’s parents, who have already made arrangements for her marriage, strongly disapprove of her fascination, to say the least. Defying her parents’ wishes, Sacha flees her home and launches an adventure-filled quest toward the Great North in search of Oloukine and his ship.

Bonus Features

  • Conceptual Short
  • Behind-The-Scenes Featurette
  • Interview With Director Rémi Chayé And Producer Henri Magalon
  • Still Galleries
  • Animated Storyboards

Here’s the Story

Sasha is the daughter of St. Petersburg aristocrats. At fourteen she is not seeking marriage. Instead she wants to find out what happened to her grandfather, Oloukine, whose ship disappeared on an expedition to the North Pole. She thinks those searching for him used the wrong route. However, no one believes her.

Previously sheltered Sasha decides to search on her own. Because she has neither skills nor money,her plan to follow her grandfather’s footsteps is difficult. She learns about people and the realities of life. She discovers the lost ship and Oloukine’s lost ship and diary then returns home to her family.

As I See It:

International film Long Way North excels. Both English dialogue and English dubbing make it a family delight.Its hand drawn animation is visually delightful. Love the pink sunsets, gray seas, and snowy whites free outline style.

In My Opinion:

Every woman from childhood on knows there is more to life than romance. That is why I appreciate Long Way North. Its characters are genuine especially its heroine Sasha. It is her coming of age tales. How she faces life’s realities–danger, injury, death, arguments, threats, insults, drinking, smoking–and takes charge is the story with the moral: Don’t give up.

About the Author

My name is Pat. and don’t forget that period. I am the mother of four children and grandmother of seven. I have an M. A. +30. As a public school teacher now retired, I have always been and always will be a child advocate. My interests in traveling, photography, camping, reading, writing, and doing volunteer work keep me on the go. I blog at hereandthere.us.

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  1. This definitely seems like an empowering movie to watch with my girls, plus I am of Russian decent, so the cultural aspects are intriguing. Thanks for sharing!

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