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littleBits Rule Your Room Kit

STEM is an important part of education that we are paying attention to. As parents, Marc and I are working hard to introduce Paige to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, as she leans closer to arts and chorus.

This is where littleBits comes in.

littleBits is working to introduce children to becoming inventors. To ask why, to test boundaries. To look at the world and not only see what’s there, but see what COULD be there. And the littleBits Rule Your Room kit does just that.

littleBits littleBits

With tons of inventions in the Invention Guide, Paige has made something as simple as the dimmer to the more complex Moving Collage. I love that the Invention Guide has text and pictures, once again, making this the perfect toy for kids to use on their own as well as get their parent involved.

We’ve checked out the littleBits website to get more ideas and Paige is slowly experimenting with the pieces to create her own inventions.

I love that the pieces are magnetic so Paige can use this by herself without help. It’s a simple as lining up the sides and letting the magnets do the work. As you grow into more complex inventions, there are small screws that can be used, but we’re only looking at 4-5 screws, not tons like we’re used to with her toys.

And even though the pieces can be small, the box for littleBits is well built and we are able to use it for storage, even after many uses.

littleBits littleBits

This kit allows Paige to use more than just what is in the box. She can use pictures, magnets, even fruit from around the house to use to expand her kit with.

We have added littleBits as one of our “go-to” gifts for birthdays and the upcoming holidays.


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  1. That sounds pretty cool. My daughter likes building things and I think she would like this.

  2. This is great for my boys! They love creating things and making their own creations. I love that it doesnt come with a whole bunch of pieces too! I am overwhelmed with pieces from toys.

  3. Sounds so interesting! Our daughter is only 2 but maybe when she is a bit older they will have these kits in Norway.

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