Lady Foot Locker Has A Resolution That Works For You

lady foot locker resolutions

This year, it’s easier than ever to stay fit, and stay informed…with Lady Foot Locker.

The Toning category is consistently growing in interest and popularity.
Footwear, like the Reebok EasyTone and Skechers’ Shape Ups give a boost to an everyday routine. For more information on these shoes and others check out The Club, a new blog on that provides workout tips,
product stories, and healthy recipes.

Cathy Lang, author of “Wardrobe Workouts” and fitness guru for The Club, offers the following advice to motivate a new fitness routine:

“If you burn an additional 500 calories 3x/week you will be on track to
lose about one pound every two weeks. Now that is a sustainable goal!”

Cathy makes these suggestions to add a little burn to your day:

1-Take the stairs. The average woman burns 10 calories when ascending, and seven when descending a flight of stairs. Climbing 10 sets of stairs will burn 50 calories. If you make a conscious effort to go up the stairs twice every trip you will reach your 500 calorie goal in half the time.

2- Enhance your day-to-day errands with toning footwear which destabilize your walking movements causing your muscles to work harder; more work = more calories burned going to class or taking a walk at lunch.

3- If you’re a desk diva, get out of your chair! Standing burns 50% more calories than sitting—By standing while on the phone, updating Facebook or reading the paper, the average person burns up to 50 more calories per hour.

4- Don’t hibernate for the winter! Keep up the lunchtime walk or take it up a notch with a run—you burn more calories when it’s cold outside. So that you don’t make your muscles sore, start by alternating walking with running. Walk at a quick pace for 2-3 blocks then run for the same distance. Repeat the cycle until you have reached your destination. A shoe designed specifically for running, like the Asics Kayano 16, will improve your gait, and keep your feet comfortable through your new routine.

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