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I received a gift card to facilitate back to school shopping at Kohl’s. Please note that, as always, any personal opinions reflected in this post are my own and have not been influenced by the sponsor or compensation received in any way.

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For several years I have had a devil of a time getting back to school shopping finished without it turning into a project. My oldest just graduated high school. For the past four years we had to wait to get his school supplies until after school started, because each teacher preferred their students to have specific supplies. Then, once school started and we got the lists I’d have to run all around to different stores to get everything needed to start the year off fresh. Backpacks could only be found at one of two stores and they all tended to be either too young for him or just too cheaply made. School supplies at another store, sometimes two. Clothes at Kohl’s. It was a lot of running around!

It would have been so nice if I could have bought everything all in one place. Well, I can’t change the past but I can say that right now, present day, there is a store that has all of the things we usually buy. And I’m really happy to say that that store is Kohl’s! That’s right, Kohl’s now offers one-stop back-to-school shopping!

We did some back to school shopping this weekend! Let me show you what we found.

Kohl's back to school shopping


My son is right in between kids size and adult size for sneakers. I have been having a hard time finding sneakers for him that fit width wise in the children’s section. And once you move adult size the sneakers tend to look just more grown up, in my opinion. I found a cute and colorful pair of kids sneakers in size 7 that fit him great! And they were on a great sale too! This was definitely a #findyouryes moment for me.

Kohl's back to school shopping

On to clothes!

I’ve mentioned before that Kohl’s is one of the only places we can find pants that work for my son. We headed for the changing room. Since he’s also not a typical size for his age we always have to try pants on. The large swam on him and the medium was in between perfect and a little big. We grabbed all three styles that they had.

Does your child mind trying on clothes?

Kohl's back to school shopping

My son was having a blast! I think it had to do with letting him help pick out his own clothes.

We got some some jeans, shorts, and t-shirts too! The thing I buy the most of at Kohl’s is clothing. I find that it looks feels better and lasts longer then the stuff sold at mass merchandise stores.

Backpacks abound!

From stylish, hip and trendy styles for teens and adults…

Kohl's back to school shopping Kohl's back to school shopping

Kohl's back to school shopping

to cute and colorful styles for kids!

Kohl's back to school shopping

They had a ton of backpacks, and even more styles are available online.

They even had lunchboxes, lunch bags and reusable water bottles!

School supplies?

Got em!

Kohl's back to school shopping Kohl's back to school shopping

There are displays full of supplies all over the store! Pencils, pens, crayons, notebooks, folders, tape, glue, scissors, it’s all there!

The school supplies are part of a special partnership that Kohl’s has formed with Office Max to offer school supplies in the store. Carrying these school supplies is something new, and they are available in stores only.

Kohl's back to school shopping Kohl's back to school shopping

After 90 minutes in the store we were finally ready to check out. My son liked his new clothes so much that he tried to convince me to let him wear one of his new shirts then!

Kohl's back to school shopping Kohl's back to school shopping

Check out our big score! Pants, jeans, t-shirts, sneakers, and even two towels!

Kohl's back to school shopping

I’m not sure who was more thrilled. Me to have found some great buys all in one place, or my son for getting to help pick out his own clothes.

This is what he’s probably wearing for the first day back to school in the fall.

Kohl's back to school shopping Kohl's back to school shopping

These are just some of the great back-to-school items and promotions available at Kohl’s. We saved over $100 on this purchase alone because of the great sales! And I got $40 in Kohl’s cash back as well, which I’ll be using soon. My oldest is going to need some things for college but I want us to go do that shopping together. I’ll share any great finds I make with you after that trip to the store, plus I’ll be giving away a $100 Kohl’s gift card as well. So be sure to check back!

What do you love (or hate) about back-to-school shopping? Would one-stop shopping make it easier for you?


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  1. I love school supplies. I remember shopping as a kid & agonizing over which binder I would get (unicorn or kitty). Now that my kids are in school, I love getting them excited for the upcoming year.

  2. I love Kohl’s all year round, but like your son, my 13 year old is between boys and men’s sizes but that will change soon enough. I love their huge selection in clothing and shoes and that you can get household items there as well. It’s definitely a one-stop shop!

  3. Is it already that time of year again!! Time to head to Kohls. Looks like your son found lots of great stuff perfect for teenagers.

  4. How awesome to find everything you needed in one place, without having to drive all over the place! I also love the shopping carts there, too. You got some great buys!

  5. I am not a fan of back to school shopping. Seriously not. But I would so love to be able to get it all done in ONE store! Instead of going all over the place.

  6. Finding the right sizes and the right styles at the right prices to suit picky little and not so little kids is my pet peeve. I don’t mind getting into stores. Kohls is my favorite
    –its sales, pricing, merchandise quality, selection, online availablityy, and customer policies are the best. O what I could do with a gift card since I have already started Christmas shopping for my ever expanding family.

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