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My oldest son always enjoyed good health as a young child. Aside from two incidents his youth was fairly uneventful. He was with the same pediatrician for years and aside from the ortho for a fracture in his foot there were no specialists. Things were simple and that’s pretty much how I thought things were for most people. Until I had my second son.

My youngest son has Down syndrome. He was born with a heart defect and was severely jaundiced. Since then we’ve seen countless doctors. Many of them were specialists – cardiology, ENT, ortho, gastroenterology, audiology. We’ve had a couple of pediatricians, one because I fired his incompetent self and a couple of others due to changes in insurance.

We love our present pediatrician, who we’ve been with for a number of years. I will never forget when he first started seeing my son. In order to be thorough and up to speed he wanted copies of my son’s medical records. Well. If you’ve ever had to get records from a bunch of different doctors you know it isn’t a fun time. It’s tedious and time consuming, and that’s under the best of circumstances. I have always thought that it was be great if records could always be kept together. I mean, they could if you have file cabinets and whatnot, but that takes up a lot of space and isn’t very portable. I love the idea of portable medical records because it would mean no matter where we were if something happened to my youngest then doctors could have answers to their questions in a hurry. Kinsights provides parents a free and convenient online children’s medical record keeper where they can manage information from their child’s medical history.

Kinsights is an online Pediatric Personal Health Record Keeper for parents. Gone are the days where you’re being held responsible for keeping track of slips of paper or lugging files and folders containing your children’s health information. And in the event of an emergency, you can even have the health records sent to the ER or out-of-town doctor in a snap. Organize your child’s growth and developmental milestones, immunizations, medications, allergies, and more. This tool is amazing and a godsend to parents. Kinsights is also a community where parents can safely seek and share answers to parenting questions. You can ask anything and Kinsights will find the right community members who can provide guidance. Kinsights even offers groups with similar interests their own pages, including single parents, grandparents, those interested in car seat safety, baby & kids fashion, potty training groups, and many more What’s really cool about this community is that it makes finding the best answers easy-community members vote up answers so the best content rises to the top.

Kinsights is easy to use. Signing up for a free account takes literally seconds. Once you create your account you add profiles for your children. Note of interest, you are not able to add a child over the age of 18. When building your child’s profile you supply basic information, and as little or as much of it as you like.

Kinsights can track what immunizations have been given. This is always a question no new patient forms.

Kinsights Online Pediatric Personal Health Record Keeper

Kinsights can track allergies. I was surprised that gluten was not included, for those with Celiac disease. I tried nuts, since we know a number of people with nut allergies. You could pick from specific nuts but not just choose nuts in general.

Kinsights Online Pediatric Personal Health Record Keeper

Kinsights tracks developmental milestones. I remember when my first son was born I wrote everything down, it seemed important to me at the time to know if he was doing things on time or not. And doctors seemed to ask it all the time. Ever filled out a new patient form for a child’s doctor? They want to know everything! If you suffer from CRS like I do then you know you can’t remember every single milestone. So if milestones are important to you it’s best to record them somewhere.

Kinsights Online Pediatric Personal Health Record Keeper

Adding notable medical issues is easy. You just type in some information describing the condition and a list of possible matches comes up. My oldest had a concussion after he ran face first into a rack of bowling balls.

Kinsights Online Pediatric Personal Health Record Keeper

My oldest also fractured the growth plate in his foot. As you add issues you can mark them long-term (meaning ongoing and possibly unresolved) or short-term (meaning cured or resolved). His fracture healed but I left it as open to see what it did to the record.

Kinsights Online Pediatric Personal Health Record Keeper

Once the health profile has been created you can view any section you want. Here you can see the medical issues I added.

Kinsights Online Pediatric Personal Health Record Keeper

You can also filter by year, which would be very helpful in some instances.

Kinsights Online Pediatric Personal Health Record Keeper

An added benefit to being a member of Kinsights is that it is also an online parenting community. Members can join groups wit other people that have similar interests or live similar lifestyles. Users can also find lots of advice and support within these groups as well. Members can ask questions, which are answered by other members. Community members then vote on the answers so the best ones are at the top.

If you’re looking for a way to organize health information for your child, be sure to check out Kinsights!

Can you think of an instance where it would have been helpful to have an online pediatric personal health record keeper for your child?


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  1. With as many doctor’s appointments, tests, and surgeries as my little one has had, this would be so helpful to me – especially keeping track of appointment dates!

  2. This would come in handy every time school registration comes around and I need to have immunization records. I want my daughters to have this for when their babies are born so they can start out keeping good records

  3. My grandson has had an allergic reaction to 2 antibiotics and to Advil. It would be helpful to use this to keep track. We always have to stop and try to remember what allergies he has everytime we go to the doctor.

  4. This last weekend my son had a dreadful rash and it would have been very helpful then

  5. I always forget where I put her shot records, so when it’s school time I always have to call the docs office to have them fax it. Plus we just moved to a new city and when we get a new pediatrician, it would be nice to have info for her from the old one. sounds great!

  6. I can think of many times it would come in handy. When a child is sick, we aren’t always on the ball of thing about everything that has gone on in the past.

  7. Oh this would be so wonderful! In case you need to quickly go to ER…you would have it on hand at all times!

  8. This is really helpful to keep track of your kid(s) medical history, appointments, and what not. I love that it also tracks allergies and you can not medical issues and things. What a great service Kinsights is. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I have a 3 month old son and he has already been sick twice. The first time was a stomach virus that doctors said it just had to run its course. Right now he has an ear infection and possibly strep. It would be great to have a record for when they ask all the questions they do.

  10. I have felt that countless times when we moved around and had to run behind every hospital for the medical records which took forever and delayed my son’s care.

  11. This would have been ideal for our family to keep up with four kids immunizations! I will certainly recommend this to parents!

  12. This would be good to have all the immunizations all together and this sounds like an amazing app to help keep track of child’s records.

  13. This would be great to have access to. that way if you need their immunization records it’s at hand, I always tend to forget where I put that information. And to also keep track of how often they are sick.

  14. When they enter school and also just to know what shots they got when would be helpful in general.

  15. This would be so helpful with multi-kid households. Sometimes is is hard to keep track of the ” who, what and when” in our busy lives!!

  16. When my grandson started preschool last year, it seemed like each week he had a new cold. He had a ton of ear infections and it was hard to keep track which ears and when it was. Eventually he had to get tubes put in because of the frequency. This service would have been so helpful!

  17. I would like the record keeper to help me remember when my kids last had an illness during the school year. Sometimes it feels like they have one cold after another and I can’t even remember.

  18. That sounds like an amazing app! My kids (knock on wood) have been relatively healthy, but you just never know when you are going to need their records in an emergency.

  19. I have a watch that does something similar kinda like a flash drive. It’s awesome to have these kinds of records on handy even just incase!

  20. When we moved and forgot where we put my daughter’s vaccination records, having an online pediatric personal health record keeper would have helped us know when it was time for her to get her next shot.

  21. When my daughter had an emerhency appendectomy it would have bbeen helpful as it had been misdiagnosed for weeks before!

  22. This is pretty neat. I actually have a massive binder that I frequently go thru and update from my middle son who was born with a lot of complications. We call it his “manual” and it is very helpful for taking to the doctor when they want to know was past surgeries he has had, or medication he is on. I can just show them the binder and it’s all neatly organized.

  23. Our pediatrician’s office has something similar and I love being able to see and print shot records and since there are 4 of them, I’m sure some of the dates and details of things will get fuzzy, so online access will definitely be helpful.

  24. I think it would be helpful to me,specially keep track medical history,track of their appoitments and etc.

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