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Klipsch iGroove SXT Review

I’ve said it before. For those of you that missed it I’ll say it again. I LOVE music. My whole family loves music. We all have a few things in common and then we all like our own thing. As a result, each of us has an iPod. Sometimes the ear buds are fine but sometimes you want to listen to your music out loud. Like most people, I appreciate the difference between something coming out of one speaker and something coming out of our powerful home stereo system. I’ve checked out a couple of different speaker options for playing and charging the iPod and this past week I came across the best one I’ve found yet – the Klipsch iGroove SXT.

klipsch igroove sxt box

The Klipsch iGroove SXT is a desktop/bookshelf speaker system for the iPod. The SXT accepts and charges any iPod with a 30-pin connector. Seven dock inserts are included in the box in order to accommodate older versions of the iPod. Additionally, the iPod Shuffle and other devices may be connected through the rear auxiliary input jack. The SXT has passed Apple’s “Works with iPhone” certification. Inside the box you will find the iGroove SXT, an infrared remote, a power adapter and a power cord.

klipsch igroove sxt box contents

The folks at Klipsch were awesome in offering me the chance to review one of these systems. I was impressed from the moment I took it out of the box. The black and silver unit looks much nicer than many other products I’ve seen. There is a black cloth grille covering the speakers that are located on each side of the dock. I love the look, it’s much nicer than sparse look some similar products have and it reminds me of the booming stereo speakers we have in our living room.

klipsch igroove sxt back

Measuring in at 12 inches wide by under 5 inches deep and having only three buttons on the top (power, volume up and volume down) and three jacks on the back (AC adapter, an 1/8-inch auxiliary-input jack and an S-Video), the unit appears to be very basic. Appearances can be deceiving. When I first turned it on I was shocked at how good the sound was coming out of the speakers. It sounded better than any iPod speaker system I’ve ever heard and almost as good as our home stereo system. The music sounds very clear and full bodied. I turned it up to see how it sounded at a louder volume and I was absolutely blown away. The sound remained clear and you can actually feel small puffs of air on the side with the bass.

The tech talk - The iGroove SXT employs dual long-throw 2.5-inch woofers in a ported enclosure and dual ¾-inch horn-loaded tweeters. Klipsch is the only company in the iPod speaker category to utilize horn technology, a design that delivers lifelike sound as well as produces more output using less energy.

klipsch igroove sxt remote

The iGroove SXT comes with a tiny remote that can control forward and backward song navigation, power, volume, mute, pause and play. It will not control your iPod. The remote is very small and thin. It did take me a little while to use it easily. Not that the remote is difficult to use but I had been having some problems getting it to work. It turns out that if the battery is getting weak the performance of the remote can be affected. Once I got that straightened out things improved greatly. To use the remote you do need to point it at the SXT. I found the remote worked best when in a direct line of sight with the SXT.

klipsch igroove sxt

Besides the amazing sound, the feature I like best is that the SXT charges the iPod. I can leave this plugged in and listen to my music and my iPod will charge. There is a 1000mA rapid recharge circuit built in that allows you to quickly recharge your iPod, iPod touch or iPhone.  If you happen to turn off the SXT while your iPod is in the dock your iPod will go to sleep. When your iPod alarm goes off the SXT will come back on.

I don’t have an iPhone so I didn’t test the unit out with one. I also did not use the S-video output to watch videos on external monitors as we don’t have video iPods.

The Klipsch iGroove SXT retails for $149.99 and can be purchased online. It would make a great addition to any home or dorm room. It would be a great gift idea for the music lover in your life. I love the unit because it’s easy to use and it sounds awesome.

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