How My Two Little Brothers Got Me Into Trouble With The Police

bank vault door

LB2 and LB3 are quite a bit younger than me. Back when they were infants I took them everywhere with me, including work. I had a part time job cleaning two banks a couple of evenings a week. The pay was decent, which was important since I’d just bought a new Mustang convertible. The job wasn’t hard. Everything was provided for me including all janitorial cleaning supplies.

One night I had both of the boys with me. Since we were locked in I didn’t worry much about the boys, they had a couple of toys and could amuse themselves playing on the carpet. Or so I thought. As I moved between areas of the large lobby cleaning LB2 made a remark about men at the door. Being a bank with an ATM, I didn’t think much of it. Then I looked up. What did I see? About a half dozen police officers in front of the main entrance, guns drawn. I couldn’t imagine what they wanted and they certainly didn’t look like they were making a delivery for the industrial cleaning supply company.

I went to the door where I was ordered to open the door and surrender. WTH? I was authorized to be in the bank. It wasn’t like I had access to the bank vault or money – the greenest thing I had access to was a couple of green cleaning supplies. After opening the door and being frisked and questioned we figured out what had happened. One of the boys had pressed the silent alarm button under the teller counter.  Everything was straightened out and all ended well. I never brought the boys with me to clean the bank again.

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