The folks at Eden Fantasys asked me what five things from their site I’d like to see under my tree. I thought that would be a semi-easy answer that would take me ten minutes. Until I visited the site. Man do they have a lot of stuff on there! I saw all sorts of things on there and I can promise you this – there is something for everyone.

So here’s the background you need to understand why I chose the items I chose. It’s like this. I used to love wearing different lingerie when I was younger (translation – not as heavy). As I grew heavier I found it more difficult to find lingerie that fit. After a while I gave up. I took to wearing nightgowns that covered. I have one dark gray winter nightgown that my husband calls my Hagrid shirt. For three years whenever he saw me wearing it he’d say “Get me some fire seeds Harry”. Sexy, huh? Not so much. As I lose more weight I find that I am feeling a little better about myself. I’m still big and have a long way to go but I’m on my way.

It’s time to throw away the Hagrid shirt. This could replace it.

eden fantasys empire gown

Satin & Mesh Empire Gown Set

sizes s to 1x/2x. $59.99.

I like it more than the other styles because it’s got a built in underwire bra. You see, none of the weight I’ve lost has come from the chest. Nuff said.

Can’t be all dressed up with no place to go now, can I? This is as much for me as it is for hubby. RB loves to have his back rubbed. I never used to mind giving him a back rub but sort of got tired of it over the years. I love a good backrub but he’s never really enjoyed giving one. A book like this might help us both learn how to give better massages, thereby enjoying giving them more.

eden fantasys the book of massage cover

The Book Of Massage

290 pages. $17.99.

With step by step illustrated instructions inside I’m thinking a book like this might teach us how to give a good enough backrub that it could be called a massage.

I think one of the differences between a backrub and a massage is oils and creams. And I love things that smell. Smell good that is.

eden fantasys shunga massage cream

Shunga Massage Cream

Available in Cherry, Vanilla fields, Raspberry Kiss and Mint. $15.99.

As do these.

eden fantasys body souffle

Body Souffle Cream

Available in Vanilla, Mint, Strawberry and Chocolate. $19.99.

Perhaps you hear more about oil for massage because it works better than creams? Not sure, but they sound like they’ll smell good too.

eden fantasys scented massage combo

Scented Massage Combo

Available in Cherry, Chocolate sundae, Strawberry and Coconut / Passion fruit. $20.99.

The whole oil thing got me to wondering about this.

eden fantasys massage mitt

Deluxe Massage Mitt

Bumpy texture for rubbing oil. I admit, it sounds interesting. $8.99.

I just realized I’m up to 6 and could keep going.

If you’re looking for something special in the way of adult products check out Eden Fantasys. If you’re not sure exactly what to get, they offer gift cards too! The site is very friendly and easy to use. I was quite impressed with the search feature, the way you can limit and expand searches from within a search with a simple click or two. The selection is absolutely massive. As a person that hates high shipping prices I like that they offer a $5.95 flat rate standard shipping for all US orders. I also like that they offer free returns and exchanges.

Please note that although I am to receive a Christmas surprise from Eden Fantasys in no way have my opinions been influenced by the product or the sponsor.

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