HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE – Bare Escentuals

I’ve tried several of the BareEscentuals products and have loved every one. Their products look good and make me feel good – what’s not to like about that? BareEscentuals has come out with some new products just in time for the holidays. These stocking sized treats are sure to please any girl!

bare escentuals keychain kisses

Keychain Kisses

Unlock the possibilities. Each of these three mini shades contains a healthy infusion of 100% pure bareMinerals, leaving your lips drenched in shimmering color—pop them on your keychain for beauty-on-the-go. Keep your keychain close and your kisses closer.

Collection includes:

  • Mini 100% Natural Lipgloss in Wild Honey (gold-pearl pink)
  • Mini 100% Natural Lipgloss in Cassis (golden rose)
  • Mini 100% Natural Lipgloss in Spice Cake (cherry nut)
  • Keychain clip

Keychain Kisses can be purchased online and sell for $15. Simply put, they are adorable!

bare minerals sweet obsessions

Sweet Obsessions

Our nine-piece collection of 100% pure bareMinerals eyecolors gives you the sugar high you crave. Mix, layer or “foil” (apply wet) these sweet obsessions to create bursts of irresistible color that will satisfy even the most ferocious sweet tooth.

Collection includes:

  • bareMinerals Strawberry Mousse Eyecolor (frothy pink glimmer) (size: extra-small)
  • bareMinerals Berry Custard Eyecolor (raspberry mousse glimpse) (size: extra-small)
  • bareMinerals Berry Flamb’e Eyecolor (deep violet glimmer) (size: extra-small)
  • bareMinerals Lemon Meringue Eyecolor (citrus cream glimpse) (size: extra-small)
  • bareMinerals Spiced Biscotti Eyecolor (zesty pumpkin glimmer) (size: extra-small)
  • bareMinerals Cherry Coco Truffle Eyecolor (dark cherry chocolate glimmer) (size: extra-small)
  • bareMinerals Mint Eyecolor (light spearmint glimpse) (size: extra-small)
  • bareMinerals Dark Chocolate Eyecolor (moonlit mocha glimpse) (size: extra-small)
  • bareMinerals Cre’me de Menthe Eyecolor (emerald espresso glimmer) (size: extra-small)

Sweet Obsession can be purchased online. It’s currently on sale  for $48. I love the way they packaged these – each shade rests in a foil tin cup like a piece of candy!

bare minerals classic glam

Classic Glam face fashion

This fashion-forward collection of 100% pure bareMinerals celebrates the eyes with a ravishing glow of vanilla cream and medieval stone, intensified by a deep, twinkling frame of metallic bronzed coal. Your cheeks and lips will glow with berry tones for a truly in vogue look.

Face Fashion includes:

  • bareMinerals Pearl Sateen Eyecolor (vanilla cream glimpse) (size: extra-small)
  • bareMinerals Parisian Gray Eyecolor (medieval stone velvet) (size: extra-small)
  • bareMinerals Charcoal Lam’e Liner Shadow (metallic bronzed coal) (size: extra-small)
  • bareMinerals So Fab Blush (rose berry) (size: small)
  • Mini 100% Natural Lipgloss in Pomegranate (red berry)

Classic Glam can be purchased online. It’s a $53 value currently on sale for $34.

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