Happy Valentines Day – To And From The Bullied

Buddha Quote for Valentines Day

Starting with 8th grade I didn’t fit in anywhere. Back then I thought fitting in mattered, I didn’t understand that you have to like yourself in order for others to like you. I was different because I was young and smart. In 9th grade I was placed into Catholic high school. I was 2-3 years younger then everyone else. I was very smart for my age. And, not only was I young I looked young. I wasn’t included in anything. Both girls and boys made fun of me and were extremely cruel – all because I was different. The way they treated me was a form of bullying in my opinion, although not physical.  I graduated that high school at 15 years old and have never once looked back at it. I have never wanted to go to a reunion, never even wondered about them. I am happy with the person that I am. I know now that I don’t need their acceptance, and never did. The fact that the other students didn’t take the time to get to know me is their loss more than mine. I admit, when I pass the school now my stomach still tightens a little with the memories. The feeling is fleeting, generally gone by the time I turn the corner. I know now what I didn’t know then. I have better things to think about, a life to lead and my own person to be. If you’re being bullied please talk to someone. Noone deserves to be bullied and feeling that way.

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone, but especially to those who feel alone.

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