Gossip Girl Season 2 DVD Review

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Gossip Girl: The Complete Second Season

Available on DVD: August 18th

Official Site URL: www.gossipgirltvondvd.com

Total Running Time: Approx 1175 minutes, EC runtime approx 227 min

I’m so excited that some of my favorite tv shows will be kicking off their new fall season in two weeks (Sept. 14), especially Gossip Girl! For those of you that haven’t seen the show and want to catch up, now’s your chance because gossip Girl Season 2 is now available to purchase.

It’s no wonder the show is such a success with its great writing, based upon the popular series of young-adult novels by Cecily von Ziegesar, and a talented. The cast includes Blake Lively (New York, I Love You), Leighton Meester (Entourage), Penn Badgley (Forever Strong), Chace Crawford (The Haunting of Molly Hartley), Taylor Momsen (We Were Soldiers), Ed Westwick (Children of Men), Jessica Szohr (What About Brian), with Kelly Rutherford (Melrose Place) and Matthew Settle (Brothers & Sisters).

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In season 2 most of the kids found themselves facing college applications and interviews, as well as their future. The competition between Serena and Blair to get into Yale was funny. Noone was more surprised that Blair wouldn’t get the chance to live her dream of attending Yale more than Blair herself. Who else was shocked that Nate would prostitute himself? Did anyone else ever expect Dan and Nate to become friends? Who thought Dan would let Chuck’s secret out of the bag? Who else was shocked to learn that Rufus and Lily had a love child? The character I have to say stood out for me in this season is Chuck. I know he’s a bad boy but I actually started to like Chuck this season after seeing a more personal side of him. Feeling love, lust, anger, hate, betrayal, sorrow and depression his character really ran the gamut this season.

Here’s a clip from Season 2.

The bonus features area lot of fun. I thought it was interesting to get a behind the scenes look at some of the different places where the show is filmed. If you’re into fashion or love the clothes you’ll enjoy the Faces Behind The Design extra. I loved the bloopers and if you want a laugh check out the Chasing Dorota webisodes.


1. Summer, Kind of Wonderful

2. Never Been Marcused

3. The Dark Night

4. The Ex-Files

5. The Serena Also Rises

6. New Haven Can Wait

7. Chuck in Real Life

8. Pret-A-Poor Jenny

9. There Might Be Blood

10. Bonfire of the Vanity

11. The Magnificent Archibalds

12. It’s a Wonderful Lie

13. O Brother, Where Bart Thou?

14. In the Realm of the Basses

15. Gone With the Will

16. You’ve Got Yale

17. Carnal Knowledge

18. The Age of Dissonance

19. The Grandfather

20. The Remains of the J

21. Seder Anything

22. Southern Gentleman Prefer Blondes

23. The Wrath of Con

24. Valley Girls

25. The Goodbye Gossip Girl


• 5th Ave. Meets Gossip Girl: Click icons on a graphic map and tour the Gossip Girl crowd’s favorite haunts

• Faces Behind the Design: Creative forces behind the show’s art and fashion

• Chasing Dorota Webisodes

• Gag Reel

• Downloadable audiobook of the bestselling novel Gossip Girl: You Know You Love Me by Cecily von Ziegesar, read by Christina Ricci

• Unaired Scenes

For a limited time, the DVD release of Gossip Girl: The Complete Second Season will also include an exclusive excerpt from the upcoming book Gossip Girl: I Will Always Love You by Cecily von Ziegesar, which will be released on November 3, 2009.

Gossip Girl – You know you love it. XOXO.

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