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If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you might know that RB spent some time (about ten years) as a painter. You know what they say about the plunmber’s toilet, right? It’s the same with the painter’s house. It takes forever for me to get something painted. It’s not that I wouldn’t paint it myself, it’s that I’ve been told not to paint because I apparently don’t do it well. I’ve at times wondered if my painting skills would improve if I tried it using something like a Wagner Power Painter.

I found what looks like a great deal on a sale on a Wagner 5.4 GPH Wide Shot Power Painter. It regularly sells for $99.99 and is currently $39.99 and qualifies for free shipping. That’s some nice savings! It comes with angled suction tube, cleaning agent and brush, dual hose fitting , 6 foot remote suction hose, extra atomizer, paint cup, extra spray tip, container clip and carry case.

This looks like it would be great those of us that are no good with a paint roller. The wide shop tip allows spraying paint up to 12 inches wide. It can spray oil or latex paints. What’s neat is that it says it can draw it’s paint supply right from the can for larger jobs, as opposed to having to use the attached container which would be better for smaller jobs.

I’ve never used one of these but I’m told they’re easy to use. I’m curious if any of you have used one, how was it? Was it easy to use? leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you on this. I’d be happy to get one if it would do the job well, because it would beat waiting for the painter to show up.

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  1. Lots of problems with mine, clogs a lot and has a real hard time with primer. Wore out before I could finish my house. Spend some more money and get a good one!

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